The “skinny” on banner ads

As I was updating my MySpace page today, I encountered an offensive banner ad.  Plastered across the top of the screen was an ad featuring a photo (obviously photoshopped) of an impossibly skinny woman (who apparently has no ribcage) claiming to have lost 30 pounds in 2 months. Uh huh.  Here is the offensive ad in question:


There are MANY teens (and pre-teens) on MySpace.  As a matter of fact, I think there are probably more teens on there than adults.  So what message are we sending to our youth with this type of advertising?  That if you want to be “skinny and hot” (as I read on another banner ad) all you need is a magic pill?  That you must be this skinny to be attractive (gag)????  Makes me physically ill.  And while we’re at it, lets look at fashion magazines.  Cosmo, Teen, Vogue, etc.  The models in those magazines are damn near anorexic.  Ribs showing, shoulder bones jutting out, hip bones sticking out severely.  And this is attractive??? Really??  To whom?

If you ask me, Real women have curves.

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  1. run4change
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 06:24:10

    That makes me so mad. I hate that stuff. It just warps everything. I like the curves my wife has. I think just about all men do when you get right down to it. That pic. was not real for sure. I mean, I lost 130 lbs and am now a skinny person but I don’t look like a fake. I got loose skin and what not. Anyways, thanks for doing this post. I am glad others stand against this junk.

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