The worst day EVER!

I couldn’t sleep last night because of Bob’s snoring. So I grabbed up Leila and we slept in Baylie’s bed. I hit snooze for an hour and a half this morning. Flo showed up first thing, finally. Got up, showered, got myself and Leila dressed and out the door. Mama called and asked me to bring her some milk (she’s keeping Leila today so I said ok). Ugh. So I swing around and go to the bank to get cash. I realized I left Leila’s formula at home on the counter so I swung back by the house to get it. I left the car running and was just going to jump out and grab it. As I was getting out of the car, my elbow hit the “lock” switch for the doors. I heard it and tried to catch the door but it closed too fast. So here I was standing outside my car with it running and my cell phone and my baby locked inside. I was trying not to panic. I called Bob’s cell phone from the house phone. He can’t answer at work so I called his job and told them it was an emergency. He came to the phone and I was in tears. I asked him if he had Mama’s or Scott’s cell phone number. Mama has my spare set of keys to the van. He said no, he didn’t have their numbers, but he would run down and get the keys for me. So I was standing outside my van, looking through the window at Leila. She was screaming because she couldn’t get her toboggin (sp?) off her head and it was covering her eyes. Once she wiggled it off and could see, she was fine. I stood there crying and talking to her through the window for a few minutes. I figured, well, I can stand here and cry, or I can do something constructive. So I decided to wash the car. It was about 45 degrees this morning (shut up all you northern folks, that’s COLD to me!) and I’m out there washing the van. Leila was watching me and doing just fine. Finally, she just fell asleep. So I finished up. It had been about 45 minutes. Bob comes screeching to a halt in front of the house and jumps out of his truck. He says “Your mom doesn’t have your keys and I ran out of gas on the way back.” I said “The hell she don’t! I left them with her!!” (starting to panic now). He said, “Nope, your van keys are in Birmingham with Scott and YOUR car.” UGGGHHHH!!! I was seeing red and starting to cry again. I bought a little Honda to work in a while back and let Mama use the van. I traded vehicles with her before we went up to visit Haley so she’s had my Honda ever since. Well apparently she let her good for nuthin boyfriend drive it and he’s an hour away with the keys to my van! Bob asked if I had called a locksmith or the cops. Of course, I hadn’t because I thought he was comign back with my keys. He gets a wire hanger and starts digging around. Making me very nervous. I know you can really tear up a car with power locks that way. And I was NOT calling the cops. I don’t need DHR on my ass and especially don’t want anything out there that Kevin can use against me in court (even thought its not a custody case, still…). Bob says, “I’m tempted to just break out the window” and I was like “Ummm NOOOO. That would cost alot more than a locksmith! I’m going to call and see how much it costs”. I was on the phone with the lady giving her the information and Bob ran inside and told me to give him 5 minutes, he almost had it. He was able to pull the weather stripping away from the top of the window and snake the hanger down in there to the switch. He finally got it (and saved me $45, not to mention my sanity). Leila slept through the whole thing. So I get on the road and get to my mom’s. I forgot to get her some milk. I explained to her that I do NOT wanting Scott driving my car (I’ve already told her this one time before) and that I let her use it so she wouldn’t be stranded, not for Scott’s benefit. He HAS a car. It’s been “broken” for a couple months now. Know what’s wrong with it??? It needs a battery and vacuum hoses. Um… HELLO?? OMG that’s a whole other bitch all in itself. He’s a piece of shit. I told her I wasn’t very comfortable leaving Leila there with her having no way to go. She said “I won’t let him drive it anymore.” Mmmhhhhmmm. I’m taking my car back this evening when Scott gets home. My mother has NO respect for me or my things. I told her when I left her the van that I would keep the oil changed, tires rotated, etc on it. All she had to do was put gas in it and NOT SMOKE in it. When I got it back from her to go to Haley’s, I had to thoroughly clean it out. It smelled like an ashtray and there were ashes all in it. I called her that day and pitched a fit with her and she said “I won’t do it anymore.” I bet you money she’s been smoking in my freakin Honda too. So that’s it, I’m tired of being nice and getting shit on. Anyhoo… I left Leila there because I didn’t have any other choice. I HAD to get some work done today and I can’t very well take her with me. I get a few miles down the road from Mamas house and I get pulled over by a state trooper. That did it for me. I started bawling. I handed him my driver’s license, but I couldn’t find my proof of insurance. I started bawling harder. I was appologizing to him the whole time (I felt like an idiot for crying) and babbling about how bad my day sucked. I mentioned locking my baby in the car and I didn’t need a ticket becasue I do sales for a living. He asked me where I was going and I told him Talladega (county seat) and he said “You’re not going to DHR are you?” I was mortified. I said “NooOOOooo!!!” and he laughed. He said, “I was kidding” (I guess because I said I locked my baby in the car, I dunno, wasn’t funny to me) He told me to slow it down and he hoped my day got better. I was shocked. I have NEVER gotten out of a ticket. Ever. And I’m not one of these women who cries to get out of a ticket. I am not that talented. I was gratefull that he let me go though! And all this happened BEFORE LUNCH! I went on with my day trying to get some work done. I’m waiting on Bob to get off work now and I’m going to call Mama and make sure Scott is back before I go down there. I’m hungry, cramping, my back hurts, I’m tired…. I want a do-over!!!!!!

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