I guess it serves me right…

My fiance’s birthday was Thursday.  To celebrate, we went out to eat and to see a movie, my treat.  I, for once, actually carried cash with me, so I took my wallet.  I am not a purse-carrying kinda person.  I usually just stick my debit card and chapstick  in my pocket and go.  However, since we were going to be drinking beer with our dinner and paying cash, I carried my wallet.  Bob has such a baby face.  We get carded any time we try to drink in public lol.  So anyhoo…  Dinner was nice.  The movie (“Yes Man”) was hilarious and we really enjoyed it.  Drove home, picked up the baby, went to bed. 

The next morning, as I was getting ready to go in to the office, I realized I didn’t have my wallet.  Hmmm… did I leave it in the van?  Nope, not there.  Did I leave it in the car?  I checked there too.  Shit.  I last remembered I had it at the movie theater.  I thought I gave it to Bob to put in his jacket.  He said I didn’t.  Shit.  I called the theater every 30 minutes until I finally got someone on the phone.  Yep, they had it. 

Now, I expected the cash to be gone.  Because, lets be honest, that’s just the type of society we live in.  Personally, I *know* if I found a wallet, it would be returned with ALL of its contents.  I have a horrible guilty conscience and would never be able to live with myself if I stole something intentionally.  Thankfully, I only had about $15.00 cash left in there.  So no big loss.  I was just praying that my drivers license and social security card were still there.  I know, not supposed to carry them together. 

So we made the 30 minute drive to the movie theater.  I got up there and requested my wallet.  The dude handed it to me and the first thing I did was look for the cash.  Of course, it was gone.  As I walked out to my car, I realized the change was gone too.  They took my freakin CHANGE yall.  I probably had a whole dollar in change, mostly pennies, in the zipper change hickey.  And they took it.  That peeved me a little bit.

As I was driving away, I thought about something:  I had two Wal*Mart gift cards in there.  One was empty, I had just shoved it back in there.  The other had $25.00 on it (and they had to dig to find it.)  That was it.  I was pissed off then.  Not only did the dishonest creatins take my cash and my change, they had to actually rifle through my wallet, touching ALL my personal stuff, to find the gift cards.  Now, if they had taken my credit cards, they would have been sorely disappointed to find that they would all be declined.  I really gotta get those things paid… but I digress.  My debit card wouldn’t have done them much good without the PIN.  However, it could have been swiped as a credit card, but again, they would have been disappointed.  So as I’m ranting and raving, Bob says, just call the theater and tell the manager how you feel.  Right.  I can’t prove anything.  They wouldn’t know if I had $15 or $100 in there.  And there is nothing they could do anyway.  I’m sure nobody would own up to finding my wallet knowing that shit was missing from it.  But I was angry, so I called and vented my anger anyway.  The manager unsuccesfully tried to placate me by saying “I’m sorry that happened ma’am.”  Uh huh.

*sigh*  Guess it serves me right.  I shouldn’t have left the damn thing behind.  I just wish people were more honest and didn’t take what didn’t belong to them.  I really hope I can teach my children morals and value and they will never feel like they would want (or need) to steal.  No matter how convenient or easy it may be.

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  1. K. Trainor
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 07:11:53

    Oh man. Sometimes people just suck. At least they didn’t just throw it in a dumpster so you didn’t have to replace your ID. 😦

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