Batteries Not Included

Have you ever wondered why so few items actually come with the batteries they require? Obvoious items, like cordless phones, MP3 players, and laptop computers come with their own nifty rechargables. But everything else says “batteries not included” right there on the package. You buy a nice new multi-tasking remote control. It can be used for five different electronics. Does it use AA batteries that you already have a huge stockpile of? NooOOOoooo. It needs AAA. That means you have to go back to the store, assuming you didn’t check the packaging when you bought it to see what type batteries it actually needs, and spend another ten dollars. If you’re lucky enough to buy an electronic device that comes with batteries, they are the el-cheap-o types that won’t last a week. Why can’t the manufacturers get together with the battery folks, like energizer or duracel, and just package the items together? Just jack up the price a few extra bucks to cover the cost of the batteries and be done with it. Or better yet, just put rechargables in everything! There’s an idea!   But I guess that would be too simple.

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