Woofs and Wiggles

In our busy household, we have: A 10 year old daughter, and 8 month old daughter, a 2 year old Bichon Frise, a Toy Poodle who was a rescue and of unknown age, and a 6 year old cat. Very busy house for us. We’ve been trying to decide for a while if we wanted to add another furkid to our house. We’ve pretty much ruled out a puppy. We just don’t have that kind of time or patience. So we’ve been making regular trips to the local shelters trying to find someone that will fit into our home. Dexter and Tiny (Bichon and Poodle, respectively) are very lazy, very laid back pooches. We weren’t worried about any acceptance on their part. The cat is another story. He just tolerates the dogs basically. As long as they stay out of his way and leave him alone, he’s fine. I decided there are enough furry balls in this house (snicker) so I wanted a female dog. Of course, she’ll be spayed ASAP, no worries there. We made our weekly trek to the shelter and there was Ginger. She was in a back cage with a “sick animal” sign on her door. I inquired as to what was wrong with her. The lady told me she wasn’t actually sick. She had been adopted and brought back because she bit someone. Upon further begging and prodding, I found out they have no proof of this. The prior owner “claimed she bit her dad” and brought her back and quickly took a small puppy home in her place.  I spent some time petting Ginger and she seemed very sweet.  The lady at the shelter said that she was going to be put to sleep.  I asked if they thought she couldn’t be rehabilitated and she said they won’t even try.  They were just going to put her down.  I couldn’t stand it.  I thought about it and thought about it.  I went back and begged them to let me take her.  I would sign a waiver not holding them responsible if she bit one of us.  I just had one of those “feelings” about her.  I really didn’t want her to be put down.  I talked her into letting me foster Ginger over the weekend.  She’s been in our home since last Friday and she has done just wonderfully.  She has fit right in with us.  She has “grumbled” a couple times (not even a real growl) but nothing more than that.  She has ignored my cat completely.  She has shown no dog aggression.  She has sniffed at the baby and received petting from the 10 year old.  She loves petting and she knows “sit” (but she completely ignores any other commands we give her lol.)  She’ll take some training to get her to obey, but I think she’s gonna be great.  She’s not nearly as needy as the other two knuckleheads.  She wants petting, then she goes and lays down somewhere by herself.  The other two want to be under or on top of me at all times.  The three of them seem to be getting along quite well.

Ginger the Spaniel Mix

Ginger with Tiny the Toy Poodle and Dexter the Bichon Frise (the Knuckleheads) chilling on the couch.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sugie
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 00:48:13

    Aww,congrats on your new furbaby.

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