My older daughter is 10 years old and hormonal. Some days she’s still my sweet baby girl. Others… oy. Today was one of those “other” days. It started when she woke up at 6am in a mood. She huffed and puffed and grunted. Then she complained because we didn’t have enough syrup to drown her pancakes in. She went as far as to say pancakes are “gross without syrup” lol. We decided to go to the market and pick up some new flowers for the yard. She said she didn’t want to go. Then grumbled that we wouldn’t let her stay with someone else. We got approximately one block from the house and she asked me to change the radio station. “Lola” was on and I like that song, so I said no. She then started in on “I hate this song, it’s stupid. Change it.” Again, I said no. She started bawling and told me that I didn’t care about her or anything that she wanted and even called me mean. I looked at her and said “OK, so since I won’t change the station, I’m mean?” She sulked all the way to the market (about an hour). We left the market with all our flowers and I decided to stop by a state park that was on the way home. The museum part was closed until 1pm. This was at 10:30am. I told her that we would come back in a couple weeks and make sure we were there at the right time. I wasn’t going to wait around for 2 and a half hours for the place to open. She then whined all the way back to the car about not ever getting to do anything she wants to do. Ugh… and I’ve got about 10 more years of these horrormones to deal with. Lord help me.

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  1. Sugie
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 00:50:05

    I feel for ya. Those pre-teen hormones turn sweet little girls into grouchy, moody aliens. Luckily once her cycles start, the hormones level off. Hang in there.

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