Violence as entertainment?

Last night we attempted to watch “Last House on the Left.” I had heard this was a great scary movie. None of the video stores or Red Boxes had it in so we took that as a good sign and just bought it at Wal-Mart. We had friends over to watch it. It started out very slowly (about the first 3o minutes of it) and then very quickly turned extremely violent. Normally, violence doesn’t bother me much. But this was very graphic. About an hour into it, there is a VERY very graphic rape scene. I left the room. I went to hide in the bathroom because I was upset. Bob (my fiance) came looking for me. He asked if I was ok. Of course not! I was violently raped when I was younger and it hit a sore spot. I asked him to ask our company to leave. My night was now ruined and I was no longer good company. He made me come out and tell them myself (thanks alot Bob.) I don’t understand how this movie is considered good! Has our society decomposed to the point that rape is considered entertainment? Are we so desensitized that violence of that magnatude doesn’t upset anyone? Am I being overly sensitive? What I don’t understand is how this movie raked in over $37 million at the box office and received even a C rating (by the critics.) On Yahoo Movies, it received a B rating by the users! How? WHY? Its sickening to me.  I did not watch another second of this movie so I don’t know what kind of revenge was exacted on the criminals. And personally, I don’t care. That one scene ruined it for me.  No matter what happened in the rest of the movie, I can’t imagine walking away with warm-fuzzies.  I am taking this movie back to Wal-Mart today to demand a refund. In this little podunk bible-beater town I live in, I am surprised they even sold it. Horrible movie. Don’t waste your time or money folks.

After proof-reading I thought maybe a little more clarification was in order.  I am not a prude.  I enjoy scary movies very much.  Blood, guts, and gore doesn’t bother me.  Violence normally doesn’t bother me.  But that kind of violence, portrayed that graphically DOES.  For someone with PTSD, this was an awful experience that I could have gone a lifetime without.

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  1. Cello
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 20:47:51

    well [hypothetically] if my dad got murdered, and everytime I saw someones dad get murdered in a movie, would that make it immoral to have in a movie? Things in movies happen to everyone to somebody somewhere in real life, its not meant to be used as entertainment but these things can be used to make a good movie. Incest, rape, murder, violence, kidnapping, all of this has happened in real life and in movies. Thats why we have a rating system.

    Not saying what happened to you isn’t sad, but maybe you should research movies a little bit more before viewing them if your reaction to certain scenes results this way? I’ve never been raped, or am i a rapist and I have no problem with rape scenes.

    P.S. avoid a movie called ‘Irreversible’ theres a 10 minute rape scene in it.

  2. Amy McGrady
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 23:10:26

    Thanks for the heads-up. And as far as research, I was just going on what I had been told “it’s a revenge movie and it’s scary and it’s great.” And Cello, no offense meant here, but how can you have “no problem” with a rape scene? I understand that kidnappings, murders, and other violences happen all the time. If you had been a victim of kidnap, I assume you would stay away from movies with those plots. I had no forewarning on the plot of this movie. I don’t research every movie I rent. Had I done some research, you’re right, I would have known better. I’ve seen many many “scary movies” in my time and NEVER have I seen a sequence as dusturbing as that.

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