That damned “Jones Luck”

Anytime anyone in my family has bad luck, we call it “Jones Luck” (my mom’s family name)

Last week, Leila got ahold of my glasses. when I found them, one of the “arms” was broken off. Now, she’s a strong baby, but I don’t think she could have broken them that cleanly without some bending. I think it already had a weak spot. I just got the new lenses a few months ago, so I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new set of frames. No go. They can’t get them anymore. I looked online and found them for $100 (about $40 cheaper than Wal-Mart) Now lets just hope when they get here that my lenses will actually fit. The lenses are the expensive part of my glasses.

Then, last night I was on my way home with both kiddos in the car and I heard an awful noise. I stopped and got out. It was really dark so I kicked all four tires and none of them were flat. I shrugged and got back in. Started driving again, and the noise started back up. I pulled back over and got out again. It sounded like the rear passenger tire. I felt around the tire, and sure enough, there was something stuck in it. It was a piece of a bungee strap. The metal part was stuck in my tire. I yanked on it and wiggled it but it wouldn’t come out, I could just hear air hissing when I messed with it. I pulled the rubber piece off and left the metal in the tire and drove the mile or so home (very slowly with my flashers on.) It was too dark out there to attempt changing the tire (yes I can change a tire) and I didn’t have a flashlight. I’ll go out there in a bit and put the spare on and take the tire to WalMart and hope they can patch it. I can’t afford a new tire right now.

Ok, things happen in threes right? So what’s next?

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