Those crazy gamers…

You read about it all the time, someone plays a game to the point of alienating themselves from their lives. World of Warcraft gets a bad reputation among non-gamers for this reason. Instead of managing their time and their gaming, they want to play ALL the time. Then blame the game for their problems. Like getting fired from work, getting divorced, getting fat, etc. Well I play that game and I’m here to tell you that those folks are nuts. Sure, when you first begin the game it’s fun, it’s exciting, and yes, you can lose a lot of time on it. But that’s where self-control comes in, folks. I’ve had times where I was frustrated with the game because I was having trouble with something. But what did I do? I shut it off and came back to it later. I don’t SUE someone because of it. What am I referring to, you ask? Read this article: Click here. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now lets discuss one MAJOR point. “…he relies on video games heavily for the little ongoing happiness he can achieve in this life, via the gaming medium.” That says it all doesn’t it? Dude needs therapy, professional help. Not a million dollars. He obviously has compulsory issues. But lets blame Blizzard and WoW for his troubles!! And while we’re at it, I’ve gotten frustrated as hell with Bejeweled in the past. Can I just sue PopCap Games for a cool mil? Come on people!! Wanna know why you’re fat, divorced, jobless, and childless?? Look in the mirror! It’s not the GAMES that are your problem, it’s YOU! Get out of the chair, shower, eat a meal somewhere other than parked in front of your computer, and SMILE at a stranger. Who knows, you might make a REAL friend. Sheesh.

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