How times change….

One of my guilty pleasures is music from the nineties.  I love almost all of it.  I spent my teen years muddling through the 90’s and I went from listening to Country to listening to Rap.  I know… weird.  But I never really had one preference over any other.  I really just enjoyed all kinds of music.  I’m sort of like that today, only I can’t stand Country anymore (with the exception of a few “crossover” songs.)  I once stumbled across a special on VH1, “Top 100 Songs of the 90’s” and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So many of the songs brought back memories for me.  Good memories.  Of a time when I was quite carefree.  I had very little drama (considering teen drama) and very little responsibility.  Those were the days that my friends and I would get together and just laugh and enjoy each other’s company.  Whether we were tearing up muddy roads in 2-wheel drive trucks, hanging around a bonfire in the middle of the woods, or “cruising around town”, we always had fun.  I remember times when we would act silly and laugh until we had tears streaming down our faces, our cheeks hurt, and our bellies ached.  Those are the kinds of laughing spells that you never forget and you wish you had more of.

Another guilty pleasure of mine:  goofy teen movies and chick flicks.  I know, I know.  Some of them are over-the-top silly.  I especially love the ones that make fun of other popular movies.  As for chick flicks, I love a good “girl friends” movie.  “The Sweetest Thing” is a perfect example of such movies.  It’s about 3 women who get themselves in some hilarious situations.  It reminds me so much of my early twenties and my two best girl friends.  I don’t miss those days, really.  We had fun.  We acted silly.  We did some dumb things.  But we had fun and we eventually figured out who WE were.  It’s just another rocky path on the road of life.  And I am glad I got to travel it once.  I have no desire to go back, believe me.

When I was little, I loved “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”.  It was my favorite show.  As a kid, you don’t think a soft-spoken man who changes his shoes and talks to puppets is weird.  My favorite part of the show was when he would “take” you inside a factory and show you how things were made.  To this day, I still love that kind of thing.  Call it female engineering-challenged curiosity.  I love the show “How It’s Made”.  One of the best shows ever.  And it always reminds me of Mr. Rogers.  Especially the episodes that take you inside a candy factory.

And speaking of shoes… my taste in shoes sure has changed over the years.  As a little kid, I preferred to be barefoot all the time.  When forced to strap shoes on my feet for school, it was tennis shoes (or sneakers to you Yankee folk).  As a teen, Nikes and Nikes only thankyouverymuch.  In my twenties, I wore heels almost 24/7.  I wore them to the office, I wore them shopping, I wore them to holiday gatherings, I wore them on dates, I was just comfortable in a pair of heels.  Now, I can’t stand them.  I prefer my slip-on shoes or tennis shoes.  Well, actually, I think I would prefer to be barefoot, but that’s not very practical.  I will wear heels when necessary, like when I’m wearing  a skirt or slacks, but they are coming off as soon as I get home.  I wonder what I’ll be wearing when I’m an “old lady”… maybe those uber attractive orthopedic shoes…

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