Another sleepless night

Sing with me now… to the tune of Rihanna’s “Disturbia”:  Insomnia, frustrating sleepless night, Insomnia, making you fear the light, Insomnia…  Ok, it’s not that great, but it’s been going round in my head.  Just had to get it out.

I had a friend over to drink some wine and watch a movie.  We sat up and talked most of the night.  Finally watched the movie, The Box, which sucked.  Tried to go to bed at 1am and I think I finally passed out at 2am.  4am, I was wide awake.  I gave up on the tossing and turning and decided to get up.  I fixed myself a cup of hot tea and went out to sit on the deck.  I learned a few things this morning.

I’m the only fool up at this time of the morning in my neighborhood.  It was absolutely silent.  The sky was clear and from where I was sitting on the deck, I could see the Big Dipper right above my roof line.  At about 4:45 the frogs started singing.  Shortly thereafter, I could hear an eager rooster crowing in the distance.  I thought this was odd since it’s way before dawn.  A dog barked somewhere nearby.  Then the world started to wake.  I started hearing passing cars frequently.  No doubt, people getting busy heading to work.  At 5:30, I decided it was time to come inside.  It was 34 degrees after all.  The hot tea was long gone and my blanket wasn’t keeping me warm.

I think I’ve found myself a morning ritual for these long nights.  It was peaceful.  I had time to appreciate my surroundings.  Great reflective “me” time.  Ahhhh.  I recommend it.

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  1. John
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 09:50:36

    Sounds very peaceful

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