Poop in my hair…

For those of you who don’t know me, I have very long hair.  It’s just a couple inches shy of my waist.  I seriously need to cut it, just haven’t taken the time to do so.  Anyway, the reason for this post.  Focus, Amy.  Hurricane Leila woke up from her nap screaming “poo poo” so I went in there to change her diaper.  I wasn’t thinking.  I got her laid out on the couch, undid the diaper, and my hair fell right into the mess.  Right. Into. The. Poop.  I immediately started saying “eeewwww!!!!!!!”  Which do I clean up first?  Wipe the hair or the baby’s butt?  Eeeww!!  I mean really, who does that??  I chose to clean up Hurricane first.  I carefully worked around the hair dangling down with poo on it.  Got her dressed and immediately took about a handful of wipes to my hair.  After I knew she was settled (still screaming “poo poo”, see video below) I made a beeline for the shower.  Eeeew.  Yall… my days are never boring.

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  1. John
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 03:45:13

    I cried real tears while laying on the floor, kicking my feet and screaming I was laughing so hard.

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