True Love?

What is true love?  Does it truly exist?  Is there such a feeling, an emotion, so strong that one becomes blinded?  I do not speak of lust.  Nor do I refer to the bond between a mother and child.  I refer to the proverbial love between a man and woman that trumps all others.  True love sees no color, or age, or social status.  True love is self-sacrificial.  One would give up their own happiness to ensure the happiness of their mate.  True love is the strongest form of romantic love.   Are there words to describe such feelings?  Is it different for each person who experiences it?  How does one know when they are truly in love or simply infatuated?

In the early stages of dating or friendship, we develop a bond with the other person.  Sometimes this bond is very strong and the feelings that go along with it are equally strong.  Other times, you feel only “friend” type feelings for that person.  Only to wake up one day and WHAM!  realize you’re in love.  So how do we know the difference?  That’s a very good question, my friends.  Is love defined by the tingly, warm, fuzzies that you get when you’re around the object of your affection?   Is it the sense of security and trust we have with that person?  Is it simply an overwhelming emotional flood that can only be described as “love”?  When the thought of parting from your loved one causes physical pain, is it love?

After several months or even years of dating or marriage, we settle into a routine and a “rut”, if you will.  Those overwhelming feelings have faded to a comfortable warmth.  Do we still gaze upon our love with awe and appreciation?  Probably not.  Our emotions have settled into something more manageable and calm.  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t in love still.

I think “true love” is when you find the one person who could be your “other half.”  When you’re together, you are ONE.  You cannot imagine your life without this person.  There are no more feelings of emptiness.  You are complete.

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