Dirt Therapy

Today was a gorgeous spring day.  Clear blue skies, temperature around 80 degrees, nice slight breeze, and not as much pollen as there has been lately.  I’ve had a migraine for two days, but I couldn’t stand another minute cooped up in my house.  I took some pain meds and headed out.  I spent the day today with my mom “playing in the dirt.” I dug a new flowerbed for her next to her carport and transplanted some of her gladiolus and mums there. Then I helped her clean out two of her other flowerbeds. We also drug out an old tub and filled it with dirt and extra gladiolus bulbs. I thoroughly enjoy planting and playing in the dirt. I love yard work. I love being out in the sunshine. I don’t enjoy it so much in August when it’s 100 degrees outside, but right now, it’s perfect. I love to sit back and enjoy my flowers and feeling proud that I made things pretty and grow. I consider doing yard work my “me time” because I can think about things that have been bothering me. I can work with my hands without concentrating so much on it with my mind.  I have worked out many frustrations while weeding flowerbeds. At the end of the day I’m sunburned, sore, tired, and most times, relaxed. It’s my own form of therapy. I didn’t get anything worked out or solved today. I don’t really feel much better, but I enjoyed doing it.  I’ll be back out there tomorrow…

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