Hurricane Leila stopped by Rubbermaid Tote

That’s right folks, there has been found a barrier to the destruction of Hurricane Leila.  No, not a levy or evacuation plan.  It was a Rubbermaid tote and a throw pillow.  Hurricane has been extremely whiny today.  She may be teething, but it’s hard to tell.  She won’t let me look and when I try, I get bitten.  So we’ll just assume she has another tooth coming in.  We were at my mom’s house and she had thrown all the throw pillows from the couch onto the floor.  She then tripped over one of them and went headfirst into a Rubbermaid tote sitting in the floor.  I quickly scooped her up to assess the damage.  She was bleeding from the mouth, which freaked me out.  I carried her over to the sink and started dabbing at her mouth with paper towels.  I could see a nasty gash on the inside of her lip.  I tried to put ice on it, but she wouldn’t let me.  She took the piece of ice away from me and just held it in her hand.  Shortly after this happened she went to take a nap.  Her little lip swelled up pretty badly and turned purple.  I thought to myself, great, I’m going to take her to Red’s softball game tonight looking like I’ve beat the hell out of her. Before you call child services on me, you should also know she has some scratches on the back of her legs from the dog chain.  The dog ran behind her and kept going and well… it hurt.  So not only does she have a fat lip, she also has scratches on her leg that look suspiciously like switch marks.  Ugh.  Maybe she’ll fall down and get some bruises on her legs before the day is over and she’ll REALLY look abused.  Then I’ll just parade her around Wal-Mart so everyone can see what a bad parent I am. *facepalm*

Oh it gets better!! Mere moments after publishing this, she closed a drawer on her finger.  So lets add a little red finger to the list!  *sigh*

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