Singing the Blues

After getting a guilt trip from a very good friend of mine, I decided to start another quilt.  I have until my birthday, June 27th, to get it done.  That’s when I’ll be going out to visit.  At first, I said “No way!” to making a quilt.  I haven’t been in the mood to sew at all lately.  Plus, supplies are just expensive.  I did the math on the baby quilt I recently made and I had over $50 in it just in materials.  Ouch.  I think of all the quilts I’ve given away over the years, that’s a lot of money.  I’m unemployed and pretty broke and really can’t afford to throw more money away on fabric.  Then I got to thinking about it.  I have a huge stash of fabric already.  And J is one of my best friends.  And he’s never ever asked me for anything before.  Then I felt bad for saying no.  So… I challenged myself to make a quilt for my friend using ONLY my stash.  I won’t have to buy anything except batting.  First, I had to clean up this mess.

What a mess!

Yikes!  I haven’t sewn in quite a while.  I had to put away all that fabric and clean off things that didn’t belong in my sewing area.  Thankfully, it didn’t take that long to get straightened out.  I was talking on the phone while cleaning so that helped it go much smoother.  Now I can work!

Now it looks more like a work space!

I remember my friend’s couch being blue and I happen to own a TON of blue fabric.  I went through a “blue period” I guess and collected more of that color than any other.  I went into the closet and started dragging out bins.  No, I will not share photos of the closet.  It’s a cramped mess in there.  I took out the two bins of blue fabrics and started pulling out pieces to press and cut.  I need 20 blocks.  I pulled out more than enough fabric for them.  I have cut enough fabrics for about 10 blocks so far.  I made a test block and Hurricane had to inspect it.  She approves.

Hurricane Leila approves

This is a very simple block and my inspiration was THIS quilt.  It’s very similar to the baby quilt I made, but the blocks are larger and with sashing.  I think it will look great.  Now I have to carve out time every day to work on it.  I’m excited (and a little sad!!) to be reducing my blue fabric.

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