This is sad…

Seriously folks, I need a JOB.  My house is spotless.  My laundry is all washed, folded, and put away.  The beds are made.  Even the toddler is clean.  Looking for something to do, I ended up ironing pillowcases.  I IRONED pillowcases.  I was folding my freshly washed sheets and noticed how wrinkly they were.  So I decided I would try ironing the pillowcases to see how they turned out.  Smooth and flat and I bet they sleep great.  But seriously… WHO DOES THAT?  If I had a big ironing board, instead of my little table-top one, I might have even ironed the sheets.  UGH!  I’m going to end up scrubbing the finish off of something if I’m not careful.  I need something to do.  Apparently, chasing a toddler all day isn’t enough.  I can’t sit at my sewing machine while she’s awake because she bugs me and gets into things.  I can’t concentrate and end up making mistakes.  And speaking of pillowcases, I decided to make Red a pillowcase to match her bedspread. One day, when I get her quilt finished, it will also match it.  Sorry for the poor pic, it was taken with my cell phone.


And this is the quilt that I will one day finish for her bed…

Kitty Quilt

Wow, I just noticed the date on that photo.  I finished the Kitty Quilt top almost two years ago.  It’s been neatly folded and in a box ever since.  I even bought a special black batting to use for this quilt.  Ok, that’s it.  The Kitty quilt WILL be my next project to finish.  No excuses!  I just have to get backing fabric for it.  And I’m sending that bad boy off for quilting.

Ok, I’m off to do some quilting on the Blues quilt as soon as Hurricane goes to bed…

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