Chairpad… first attempt

Ok, keep in mind, I was making this up as I went along.  When I make a set for the table, I will have tweaked this quite a bit.

I had a leftover piece of foam left from an eggcrate topper I put on Red’s bed.  I knew this would come in handy eventually 🙂

Piece of foam, inspected by Shadow

I measured out and cut two pieces 14″ square.  I had already measured the space on the chair where I wanted it to fit.  It was thin and I felt that doubling it would be more comfortable.

Cutting foam down to size

Take your foam piece and set in in the chair to make sure it will fit properly.

yep, it fits

I decided to trim the back corners so that when I place the pad in the chair, it will sit flush and tie nicely.

Corners trimmed

Take a piece of fabric (I used 100% cotton) and measure out 16 inches length.  I’m adding inches to account for the depth of the foam plus seam allowances.

Cutting fabric length-wise

Then, open the fabric and cut the width to about 31 inches.

Cut width-wise

Open your fabric and fold, turn it right-sides together as shown.  Sew down two sides, leaving the third side, opposite the fold, open.

Fabric folded and right-sides together

Sew two sides together

After you get the sides sewn, turn it right-side-out.  Place your foam piece(s) inside.

Foam placed in fabric piece

You will have one end open.

Open end

Now to make the ties.  Take some scrap pieces of fabric and cut them down to about 24″ x 2″.  I cut mine 12″ in length because I am not tying bows, just knotting them to stay in place while I’m sitting there.

Cutting scraps for ties

Trim down to 2" width

Now, we’re going to fold them like we did HERE.  Sides to the middle, then folded in half.

Fold sides to the middle

Fold in half.

Now take this strip to your machine and sew closely to the open seam.  I was being lazy and didn’t change my presser foot.  I sewed this whole thing with my quilting foot still on. 🙂

Sew close to the open edge

Now, again, being lazy, I didn’t make this where I had to turn it right-side out.  I simply zig-zag stitched the ends.

Lazy zig-zag

Fold the tie, ends sticking out, fold the raw edges of your fabric in, and pin closed the open end of your chairpad.

Fold raw edges under, pin

You can sew this closed by hand, or be lazy like me and sew it on the machine close to the seam.

Viola!  You have a simple chairpad.

Finished chairpad, ready for use!

This really was fairly quick and easy.  For the set I’ll make for all four chairs, I will use some kind of chording or ribbon for the ties.  That will look nicer and be much easier.  Also, I’ll be more careful about my measurements.  I actually had to trim the foam pieces down a little bit to get the fabric to close on the end.  Live and learn!

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  1. kiotta
    May 26, 2010 @ 06:19:04

    Wow! this is really gorgeous 😀 thank you very much for the tutorial!

    Hugs by Kiotta

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