Hot hot hot!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon (hottest part of the day btw) with my boyfriend and his mother grilling in her back yard. The sweltering heat was almost unbearable. I found a baby pool and filled it with water for Hurricane to play in. By the time we left, my clothes were soaked with sweat (sexy, I know) and I was cranky. I had a headache coming on and I was dreading that long drive home. After I got home, I checked my weatherbug and it said the high yesterday was 99. I don’t even want to know what the heat index was, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it had been 110. Today, our high was 100. Hurricane, Red, and I spent the day hibernating under the A/C. I stepped out the door twice, very briefly, and then retreated back inside. It’s just too friggin hot to do anything besides swim. And I don’t have a pool to jump into. So I’ll stay inside. I’ve got plenty of sewing to keep me busy. That is, if I ignore all the house work that needs to be done. Which I totally plan to do. :-p

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