Blocks done (almost)

Blocks are done! (well... almost)

I have all of the blocks together for my red and cream quilt.  Now I have to trim them and square them up.  That part is tedious and my LEAST favorite part of assembling a quilt.  If the blocks aren’t perfectly square and trimmed properly, the seams won’t line up, the top will be misshapen, and it will look bad.  Ok, in all reality, most people wouldn’t even see the mistakes.  But *I* will.  And that’s the important part, right?  Because I’m way too critical of my own work.  I know if it’s not perfect, or close enough to satisfy me, that when I get it put together, that’s all I will see…. the mistakes.  My back has been very sore these past few days and I’ve had to limit my sitting and standing time. It’s very frustrating.  I’ll have to wait until my back is better before I can spend a few hours bent over my sewing table trimming these blocks.

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