Patience… Not just a song by G&R

The word of the day is “Patience.”

Patience is something I don’t have much of.  I’m an impulsive person.  When I decide I want something, I want it yesterday.  Once I’ve made up my mind about something, that’s it.  This is good in some ways, not so much in others. I don’t let go of my impulsive ideas or wants easily. I’m tenacious, hasty, impetuous, and sometimes downright cantankerous when it comes to getting what I want.

I need to learn PATIENCE.  I need to learn to take my time with things.  I need to learn not to give into my compulsions.  Take some time to figure out WHY I just have to have said item right now.  Why can’t it wait?  Why can’t I learn more about whatever it is I’ve decided I want before I take that leap?  Are you lost? Need some examples?

  • Last year I bought a brand spanking new car because I had to have it.  I didn’t NEED a new car.  I just got the itch and damn wanted one.  I did look around for the “right” car and finally bought the one I’m driving now.  Had I made myself wait a month or two, I believe the itch would have worn off.  Maybe not, but at least I wouldn’t be having a major case of buyers remorse.
  • Dixie.  Need I say more? lol  I saw that sweet little face and just HAD to bring her home.  She ended up NOT working out for me and I was out over $200 and an entire wardrobe of shoes.  Had I fostered her first, I would have saved myself at least some cash maybe a few pairs of shoes.

There’s more… I’ll spare you the details.  I’m currently working through another impulsive “want” right now.  I keep reminding myself that I need to be PATIENT.  Things will work out the way they are “supposed to” if I just sit back and relax and let life happen.  Right?  Right?

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