Ah ha!

I’m sitting here surfing blogs waiting on my biscuits to get done and I had an “Ah Ha!” light bulb kind of moment.  Hurricane’s 2nd birthday is in two weeks.  I want to make a quilt for her.  That kid LOVES her quilts.  I’m kinda proud of her for that.  I was thinking of something fairly simple and quick and maybe I’ll hand quilt… I’ve only got two weeks, hand quilting is out… hmmm… ok what can I do?  And it hit me.  Duh.

Washing fabric

Remember the red and black polka dot fabric?  I washed and washed and washed and finally got it to stop bleeding.  I’m thinking I can finally get that ladybug quilt done that I’ve been daydreaming about.  How fun!  But I’m short on time, so I better get busy!!  Pics soon!

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