Ladybugs in progress

After my AH HA moment the other night, I sat down and started sketching out my ideas.  I keep a notebook of graph paper and colored pencils at my sewing table just for this purpose.  I have lots of quilts sketched out in my notebook.  Some of them I’ve never made because I decided I didn’t like them that much.  But you never know, I may come back to them one day.

I really liked the pinwheels so I decided to play around with that some more.

Or maybe I could do something more simple…

Ohhh I love this one.  But it’s missing something….

Perfect!  The ladybugs really POP on that green!  So then I went digging through my stash and found THIS:

I’ve had this rose fabric for years.  It’s a heavier weight than my other quilting cottons and I just haven’t found the prefect project for it… until now.  Here’s a close up of the fabric.  It’s all white, the detail really shows up when you view it at an angle.

So then I started on the ladybugs.  I used a DVD for a template for the bodies.

I traced the circles onto freezer paper, then cut them out, and ironed them onto the fabric shiny side down.

I cut them out leaving a little bit of seam allowance.  I would say it’s about 1/4 inch.  I then snipped the seam allowance all the way around to help when I turn the edges under.

Ladybug sketch

I drew little circles and cut them in half.  These will be the heads of the ladybugs.

Again with the seam allowances and the clipping around the curves.

Border fabric is ON.

I played with the placement and I think I like this layout best.

That’s as far as I got on it tonight.  My glue stick was all dried up so I wasn’t able to get started on the ladybugs.  I’ll pick up a new one tomorrow.

I’ll update my blog as I get going on this. =)

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