Stress, be gone!

I love how things always seem to work themselves out.  I’m quite an impatient person.  I’ve blogged on this before.  I tend to want to force things to go my way or make things happen quicker than they need to.  I’m sure there is a word to describe my affliction, but I’m tired and I can’t think of anything.  Some of the things I’ve been stressing about lately have just worked themselves out.  I got a job.  That solves quite a few of my problems right there lol.  I’ve been worrying about a friend and how I would handle a certain situation and that seems to have solved itself as well.  My van is still broken, but hey, with my new job, I’ll be able to get it fixed soon!  I’ve got a nice daycare/preschool picked out for Hurricane and she’ll start the first of September.  That solves the no-sharing and potty training issues.  Of course, I’ll still have to work with her on potty training, but so far, I’ve had NO luck getting her interested in it.  Lets see… what else… hmmm… I guess that is it as far as stressful stuff goes.  I should listen to my friends when they tell me “It will all work out in time!” because it almost always does.  I just have a hard time letting go of my worries and letting it happen on its own.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this new pillowcase dress I made for Hurricane.  She wore it at her birthday party.

Hurricane's Bday Dress

So there.  A post and a pic.  Not totally boring.  I hope lol.

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