Worded Wednesday

Nothing new to report, really.  I’ve been working on a few quilty things.

Pinks for my PINK quilt in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month:


That’s 240 strips.  I still have some more to go.  I’m swapping these in my online quilting group and when I’m done I’ll have a nice scrappy quilt.

Christmas blocks for another swap (still have some others to make):

Split 9-patch

And I’m dying to get this one done.  I’m trying to decide how to quilt it.  I’m thinking a spider web.  Start in one corner and work my way out? Or start in the center and spiral out?


School is going well.  I take my first tests on next Monday.  All 3 of my classes have tests scheduled that day.  Joy.  So lots of studying going on around here.

I’m on the last Harry Potter book.  In one way, I can’t wait to finish it, in another, I want to prolong it a little lol.  I know, it’s kinda sad in a book-worm sort of way huh?

Other than us being sick around here lately with seasonal allergies, coughs, and general yuckies, we’re all doing well.  I’ve got an anniversary coming up with Mr. Wonderful and I’m pretty excited about it.  I got him a couple gifts but of course, I can’t blog about them!  One of them I just know he’s gonna love!  Can’t wait to give it to him.

Oh, and I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I’m on a mission to lose 20 lbs.  I’m not very good at dieting, but so far I’ve stuck to it pretty well.  I lost 3 lbs last week.  17 more to go! =)

Hope you all are doing great out there in blogland!

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