Batting and Quilting Questions

Hello out there Blogland.  I hope some other quilters stop by because I have some questions…

I’ve always used 100% cotton batting.  The only time I used a poly batting was in a bed quilt for a friend.  I love the heavy feel of cotton batting but the poly sure was easier to quilt!  I have a couple questions regarding batting.

Are the poly, cotton, blends, and wool all about the same warmth? Does the loft play a part in the warmth?

As for the quilting, this may be a super silly question but I’ve been wondering for a while.  Does it affect the warmth of a quilt the more flatly you quilt it?  I’ve been following quite a few blogs and admiring different styles of quilting.  It seems that most of the “modern” quilters I see stipple or quilt some other design on the quilt that really flattens the whole thing out.  And I do mean FLAT.  It seems to me that when you flatten it out like that, you leave very little space for the batting to trap air, therefore, taking away it’s ability to trap warmth.  Am I wrong in that line of thinking? Or does it make it more warm because it’s more dense?  I personally don’t like a heavily quilted quilt.  It makes it stiff feeling to me.  I like my quilts lightly quilted and soft. Plus, the actual quilting is my least favorite part and I would like to do as little work as necessary lol.

It’s getting cold here and I’m thinking about the warmth of quilts more so than the prettiness of them.  Can you tell?

Red’s Kitty Quilt is on her bed, but she’s been tossing it in the floor (can you see me scowling?) and sleeping under a fleece blanket.  It made me wonder if the fleece is warmer than the quilt??  And BTW, the Kitty quilt has THIS batting in it.  My bed has a comforter on it and it’s very warm.  I want a quilt on my bed, but I have yet to actually make myself one.  And I wonder if my hand-made quilt will be as snuggly warm as the comforter?

Any opinions from my fellow quilters?

And since I believe posts are boring without photos…

What? I'm helping...

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  1. sharon
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 14:04:24

    I hope someone looks at this too! Great question I have always wondered about too.

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