Fabric Friday

I just realized I never posted a pic of Hurricane’s Daycare Quilt.  So here it is.

The hearts block  in the center is an orphan appliqué block I made years ago.  The green matches the leaves around the hearts.  The pinks are just large pieces from my stash, including one with Elmo and Zoe on it thrown in because Hurricane loves it.

I’ve been working on the Christmas swap blocks a little more.  It’s hard to get motivated on them when I am so NOT ready for Christmas.  I will probably have them done today though.

I am not going to do any more with the pink fabrics until I get the Christmas blocks done and out of the way.  Priorities!

I have a stack of fabric set aside to make pillowcase dresses for Hurricane, but I’ve lost steam on that as well.  Those are more of a summertime project.  I may find another use for the fabrics… (and the “Fabric Friday” pic is below)  Lovely fabrics, terrible pic.

Speaking of other uses, I’ve been seeing these little quilts called “Mug Rugs” and I’m DYING to make one.  It’s basically a glorified coaster.  Instant Gratification.  That’s right up my alley!  I’m thinking that brown floral fabric and the coordinating solid below it need to become a Mug Rug.  But, back to the priorities thing, I need to do my other projects first.  And fit in time for my homework.  Or wait… maybe homework first?  /sigh

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