A little bit of bragging

Just a fly-by post to brag on myself.  Humor me and pretend you are interested, ok?

I finally received the test results of my Anatomy test from last Monday.  I made 108!  There were 50 questions (worth 2 points each) and a bonus question (worth 10 points.)  That means I only missed one question.  The teacher said mine was the highest score of all his classes.  Woohoo!  Yay me!

Also, I made a perfect score (100) on my medical terminology test (100 questions), plus a 2 point bonus.  So that grade was a 102.  Yay me x2!

My algebra test wasn’t quite as impressive lol.  I missed one question, plus lost points on some other problems for not working out the steps completely.  I did some of the steps in my head and apparently that’s a no-no.  I scored 92 on that.  But it’s still an A, so I’m trying not to feel bad about it.

Now I have LOTS more homework to get done tomorrow and another algebra test on Wednesday. 🙂

Sorry, I couldn’t find a random or interesting photo to put in this post.  I really gotta get back to taking some pics.  Anyway, thanks for reading!

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