Sit on your butt and READ!

Some online friends and myself are challenging ourselves to READ in the year 2011.  I already read a lot, so this was right up my alley.  For the year of 2010, I have read 54 books.  I went back and counted them.  54!  Yep, I’m that nerdy and, obviously, I always have my nose in a book.  I’m not counting text books or books that I’ve read to the little one.  These are novels that I read for MY enjoyment.  For 2011, I’m making my goal 60 books.  I’m not going to push myself harder than that because I know that school is about to get much harder for me.  Plus, I’ll begin clinicals in the fall and I’ll be super busy then.  So I think squeezing in 60 books will be a challenge.  I will update with the number of books I’ve read but I won’t bore you all with a list or reviews here.  I may start a new blog to do that.  That’s a thought… anyway…

Now I’m challenging YOU too!  How many books will YOU read in 2011?

Have you set goals for yourself for the year? Not just “New Year’s Resolutions” (nobody ever sees those through anyway lol), but real goals?

I  may update later with a list of my goals for the year.  I think I can realistically set, and stick with, some for this coming year.

My sad, jumbled little book shelf

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