Quick hi and Hurricane Leila is at it again…

I’ve been crazy busy with school and the kiddos. I am itching to sew but I can’t get to my sewing machine. My room looks like a bomb went off in there. I’ve successfully cleaned and de-junked the rest of the house (even the kids’ room! with D’s help) but my room scares me lol. I really wanted to make some pillowcases today. I went into the closet (aka fabric storage area) and couldn’t find any fabrics that I wanted. I have whittled down my pink fabrics to almost nothing. Can you believe that? Time to shop? Anyhoo… after not finding the fabrics I wanted, then looking over at the mess that is my sewing table, I gave up. How sad is that?

On another note, Hurricane Leila drove me to tears this morning. While I was in the shower, she went and found the poster markers. Then she proceeded to mark all over herself, Red’s quilt, the wall, and her pillow.  I snatched the markers away (which she wailed and screamed about) then quickly got her in the tub.  Yall, that kid had marker ALL over herself.  Her face, hands, the front of her legs, her belly… everywhere.  Then I grabbed a Magic Eraser and started wiping down the wall.  It came off fairly easily.  I stripped off the pillowcase and the quilt.  I was bawling over the quilt.  I grabbed my trusty spot remover and prayed that the marks came out in the wash.  Thankfully, they did, and I let Hurricane live to destroy something else another day.

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