August already

It’s hard to believe that it’s August already.  In some ways, I feel as if the past year has flown by.  In others, it seems to have dragged out for a long time.  This weekend, Hurricane Leila turns 3 years old.  I’m glad to be rid of the “terrible twos” but sad to see her growing up on me.  I have almost one whole year of college behind me, and one more year to go.  Red will be beginning 7th grade in a couple weeks.  Wow I’m getting old.

The past week has been a rough one for me.  In the interest of saving you from my boring whining, I’ll keep the details to myself.  It was just very stressful, mentally and emotionally draining, and yet another test of my will.  I had a little pity party for myself, pulled up my big girl panties, and got over it.  Back to the crazy life that is mine.

As I mentioned last week, I am going to TRY to take out some “me time” each day.  Or at least a few times a week. Tonight I worked on some frustrating homework.  I decided I’ve had enough and went outside for a breather.  I thought I would share my relaxing time with you so that you might enjoy it as well.

I walked outside onto my porch in my socks and scrubs.  I laid down on the little wicker loveseat that is my favorite sitting spot and stared up at the stars.  There was no breeze to stir the warm, humid air on this sultry summer night.  If it weren’t for the security light right behind me, I would have been able to see many more stars in the clear, inky night sky.  But I could see enough.  I closed my eyes for a moment to absorb my surroundings.  Cicadas singing, a neighbor’s air conditioning cycling on, a dog barking in the distance, and then a train horn blowing.  I then tried to think of the nearest train tracks.  As I stared up at the twinkling stars, I had many fleeting thoughts:

I wish I knew more constellations other than the Big Dipper
I wish that security light was turned off
What is that bright star over there?  Oh nevermind, it’s a plane.
I thought of The Lion King and the discussion that Pumba, Timon, and Simba had about the stars.
The Lion King made me think of an ex boyfriend from a hundred years ago who took me to see that movie.
Thinking of the ex beau made me smile.
Then I thought of the current one and a sigh escaped me.
If it wasn’t so humid, it would be really nice outside tonight.
I wonder who else is out stargazing at this moment?
Hmm, didn’t I have a fabric once upon a time that was called “Stargazers”?  Or maybe it was a quilt design I saw…
I really should start quilting on the baby quilt that’s been sandwiched and ready for a couple weeks now

And then a Neanderthal sabertooth mosquito bit me, so I decided to come back inside.  Leave it to a dang bug to ruin my solitude and reflection.  Sometimes it’s good to just let your mind wander.  You’ll be surprised where your thoughts take you.  I also decided to come back inside because I was feeling drowsy.  I really don’t need to fall asleep on the porch.  Not only would I wake up with a very stiff neck and back, I would most likely be carried off, or sucked dry, by the aforementioned mosquitos, and my neighbors would surely have something to say about me sleeping on the porch.

At least I got a few good minutes of quiet time in for the night.  I hope you did too!

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