So it’s been almost a year … wow … time for an update

Let’s see …

-I got single again
-Graduated from college
-Finished a quilt top
-Got certified
-Went through some really big life changes and stress stuff
– Started dating my best guy friend
-Got addicted to Pinterest
-Started remodeling the bathroom
-Got a new car
-Got my RRT
-Start a new job next week at Children’s Hospital

I haven’t accomplished much else but here are a few random pics … in no particular order …

Made these at Christmas with the kids & fella:




Made this wreath:


Fit into these jeans: (just barely lol)


Cooked this batch of awesomeness:


Made my own laundry detergent:


Went to Hurricane’s first dance recital:


Planted this:


Painted these:





Made this:


Ate this and felt no guilt:


Played in the dusting of snow we got:


Adopted another cat (she thinks I’m furniture):


Lost this guy *cry*:


I’m sure there is more but i can’t think at this late hour.

I’ll try to update again soon ūüôā



What? Me? Procrastinate? Never! Ok maybe a little…

So I started this quilt for my neice, like, a year ago.¬† Before she was born.¬† Her first birthday party is Saturday so I figured I better (finally) get it done.¬† It’s been sitting on my sewing table, neatly folded, waiting for binding this whole time.¬† Seriously.¬† I’m ashamed of my procrastination sometimes.¬† So here it is.¬† Pink, brown, and cream, and oh so cute!¬† I really like how this turned out and it was pretty quick to do.¬† You know, if I had done it all at one time like a normal person would.¬† The colors aren’t showing well in this pic.¬† The pink doesn’t blend that well with the cream background.¬† Well, to me it doesn’t.¬† Anyhoo… here it is.¬† Late is better than never, right?

A few months ago I started cutting fabric to make my own¬†quilt but I got sidetracked with school, work, kids, etc., and haven’t¬†been back to it.¬† I had to move the pile of fabrics to get to my sewing space today and it made me think that I really need to pick it back up.¬† I have more time this quarter, kinda, so maybe I can get in the mood¬†to do it.¬† I’m really sick of my old comforter.¬†¬†And frankly, I’m embarrassed that I don’t have a quilt on my bed.¬† I even looked at coverlets and quilts in stores to find something to do until I finished¬†mine.¬† How shameful!¬† I couldn’t¬†find anything I liked, at all.¬† That just further¬†enforced my will to finish my quilt.¬† I just gotta start on it first.¬† Maybe tomorrow… lol.

Making progress

I have started sewing down the applique pieces.¬† I decided to use the “blanket stitch” on my machine because it looks similar to a style of hand stitching.¬† However, when I applique by hand, you never see my stitches.¬†I think this will look fine when I get it all put together though.¬† I have 16 done, and 20 more to go.

Blanket stitching

Don’t look too closely at that stitching, it’s not my best work lol.¬† I’m still learning to use this function on my machine.¬† Once I get it all put together, those little flaws won’t stand out. I hope.¬† Back to sewing… I’ve got ONE week to get it done!!!!

More Taggies

My step-sister is pregnant with her first child. She’s having a girl. ¬†I will be making her some quilts, I just haven’t felt motivated to get them done. ¬†I finally got all of my Spring Cleaning done yesterday. ¬†I even cleared off my sewing table. ¬†This morning, with nothing left to clean, I decided to do a little sewing. ¬†I was in need of some instant gratification, so I thought I would whip up some Taggies inspired toys. ¬†The first one I made came out so nicely, I thought I would make some more.

This first one was made from two round scraps of fabric and a bunch of ribbon pieces. ¬†It’s stuffed with polyester batting and all the stitching is reinforced. ¬†I also put a small piece of¬†cellophane¬†inside with the batting to make it crinkly.

I really liked the way it came out, but the fabric is boring. ¬†So I dug out something bright and cheery. ¬†I made this one in a heart shape. ¬†Instead of stuffing it with batting to make it a “softie”, I left it flat. ¬†I sewed a piece of cellophane in to make it crinkly. ¬†I also reinforced all the stitching in this one. ¬†Hurricane would have LOVED this one when she was a baby. ¬†I wish I had thought of it then!

A little catching up

Since Christmas is over, I can finally post pics of some of the gifts I made.


First up, I made a couple bookmarks. ¬†I didn’t take pics of everything I made, but this is one of them. ¬†It’s really simple. Two strips of fabric, some stiff interfacing, and a decorative stitch for the edges.

Fabric bookmark, front

Fabric Bookmark, back

Second, a “foot warmer” for my dad and step-mom’s bed. ¬†Some people are calling these “bed runners” but I made it specifically to be left on the bed to warm your feetsies. ¬†I used two long strips of fabric, two layers of 100% cotton batting, and lightly quilted it. ¬†It turned out OH so soft! (I did not make the quilt, btw. ¬†My step-mom bought it years ago from a catalog.)

Foot Warmer, front

Foot Warmer, back

Third, an Eagle wall-hanging for my mom.  Wish I could take all the credit for this one, but the base is a Styrofoam template type thingy and I just had to cut out all the fabric pieces and push them down in the grooves.  It came out so great!

Eagle Wall-hanging

I also made some fabric covered journals, with ribbon book marks attached, but I didn’t take any pics. ¬†I thought I did, but apparently not because I can’t find them.

And a checkbook cover for my sister that I also did not photograph.  /sigh

I have lots of things on my quilty “to do” list for the year. ¬†I’ll keep yall updated!

School starts back on the 10th for me. ¬†I’m taking on a full load this quarter. 16 credit hours. ¬†I’m going to be very busy.

Fabric, Elastic, and Seeds, Oh My!

Once upon a time, I had an eye pillow that was full of something squishy and smelled very nice. ¬†It helped ease me through many a migraine and stress headache. ¬†However, after moving quite a few times of the past few years, I chalked it up to being lost. ¬†I couldn’t find it anywhere. ¬†I decided to make my own. ¬†I had no idea what was inside it, other than¬†lavender. ¬†I was talking to my mom about it, and at the time I had purchased the eye pillow, I had also gotten a neck wrap for her, made of the same stuff. ¬†She looked on the tag and it simply said “flax seeds and lavender.” ¬†Seems easy enough. ¬†I set out to buy some flax, lavender, and elastic. ¬†Lord knows I have enough fabric¬†on hand. ¬†I found the things I needed, came home, and set right to work. ¬†I couldn’t find a template online, and I didn’t have my old one to go by, so I tinkered with a design until I came up with one I like. ¬†And here it is.

Stress Relieving Eye Pillow

It was so quick and easy, that I couldn’t just stop at one!

Stack of eye pillows

One package of the flax seeds gave me enough for 3 pillows. ¬†Luckily, I had bought two. ¬†I also have plenty of lavender left over. ¬†I will be making a few more of these as gifts. I am really happy with the way they came out. ¬†I was able to get 5 pillows from one Fat Quarter (18×22 in), one scrap piece of fabric, and with one package of 3/8 in elastic. ¬†I’m really excited about these.

Later, I was digging through an old box that’s been in the top of my shelf since I moved here over a year ago, and guess what I found? ¬†Yep, the old eye pillow. ¬†It doesn’t smell nice anymore, and I like the shape of MINE better. ¬†So I’m going to just stick it in a drawer and make myself a new one.

Mmmmm this smells nice!! (flax and lavender)

Fall Table Runner

I made this back on Nov 2nd but I just now got around to taking some decent pics of it.

Fall table runner

I left the center blank because I sit things on top of it. ¬†A fall floral arrangement sometimes and I also have a decorative footed box that I sits in that center space perfectly. ¬†It’s simple and I really like the way it came out.

Fall table runner

Fall table runner on the coffee table with the footed box on it

Fall table runner with floral arrangement (and Hurricane's feet!)


I have some snowman blocks that I’ll probably use to make some winter table runners as well. ¬†When I can get around to it!

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