Dancing is great cardio!

Ok, here’s the background info on this post:  I went in search of a song on Youtube that I really like.  After seeing the video, I decided that I HAVE to learn this cool dance they do.  Yes, that’s right folks.  I’m thirty-something years old and I want to do a dance from a music video.  Shut up.  This is MY world, you just live in it.  Once I learn this dance and can impress, like, my kids with it, you’ll be all jealous of my mad skills.  Just wait and see. =)

So anyway… as I went in search of tutorials to learn to do the main dance move (shut up, I hear you snickering) I realize this crap is a lot harder than it looks!  Stop laughing!  I’m WHITE, people.  I have no rhythm.  None.  I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld.  Seriously.  But I am determined to learn this cool dance!  People who dance just know how to do it and make it look easy.  It’s not!  I have worked up quite a sweat tonight.  And then it dawned on me… this is FUN and I’m working out! OMG folks!  I have found a workout I can do!  I can dance in my kitchen, in my socks, where nobody can see me or laugh at me, and get a workout.  No more Jillian making me want to punch her in the face!  I don’t think I’ll ever have an opportunity to go dancing so I can use any of these moves I’m trying to learn, but dammit I’ll look GREAT dancing around my kitchen LMAO.

What am I trying to learn to do, you ask?  Well I’ll share it with you, so you can be cool like me.

“Everybody be shufflin!” =)  Come on, you KNOW you wanna do it…. look cool AND get your cardio in.  Win/Win!!


She hates me…

She smiles and says encouraging things, but that bitch is trying to kill me.

What’s that? Oh, no, not some jealous psycho bitch or anything. I’m talking about Jillian Michaels and her “30 Day Shred” video.

I bought it a few weeks ago. $9.00 at Walmart. I did it two days and couldn’t move. Thought I was gonna die. For real. I finally decided to get back to it today. I didn’t push myself as hard as I did before. I made it through the entire 20 minutes without feeling like I was gonna vomit. Progress. I’m going to stick to it. I am GOING to be thinner by summer!!! I still feel like I got a good workout. I’m a little wobbly. I worked up a good sweat and got my heart rate up.

I’ll see her again tomorrow….

Jillian Michaels is trying to KILL me.

Day 3 of working out (yes I had to skip a day) and I think I’m going to die. I’m sitting here in my recliner, not moving, and I hurt. I am trying to eat some taco salad and my arm muscles are screaming at me. I’m seriously considering putting the bowl down and just sticking my face in there to eat. Maybe part of ol’ Jill’s “slim down plan” is to make you so sore you can’t move and can’t eat. Yes, I’m whining. I grunt and say “ouch” every time I move. This is not fun. But I keep telling myself I’m going to be thin soon!

Jillian Michaels kicked my ass and I started a quilt

Yesterday I decided to finally buy a bathroom scale.  I walked past some workout videos and Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred” jumped out at me.  It was only $9.99 and promises to make you lose up to 20 lbs in a month.  Ok, I’ll try it.  So this morning I step on the scale and whatdya know, I am about 11 pounds lighter than I was about 4 months ago already.  Sweet!  Now I only need to lose 40 lbs.  I popped the video in and got ready to sweat!  This video has 3 different workouts on it.  Easy, intermediate, and hard.  I guess.  I’m starting on the EASY mode.  20 minutes.  Thats it.  I made it about 15 minutes.  I was sweating, panting, and felt like I was about to vomit.  I figure that’s my body’s way of telling me to STOP while I could still stand.  I let my heart rate lower a few points then just did some yoga stretches to cool down.  My knees and arms felt like Jello and my heart was pounding.  I’m proud of how much I did get done.  Tomorrow I’ll do it again.  And the day after that.  I don’t expect to lose 20 lbs this first month.  But I will feel better knowing I’m getting in shape and getting myself healthy.  As for Jillian, I appreciate her words of encouragement on the video.  But I’m sure after a while she’s going to get on my nerves.  She really doled out an ass whooping for me today.  Hopefully it will get easier as I go.  I just can’t imagine what the “hard” mode is like!

On another note, I started a baby quilt for my cousin. She’s due any day now (may be induced on Monday) and I have really dropped the ball on getting her quilt done.  I bought some gorgeous Civil War Era reproduction fabrics a couple weeks ago in browns and pinks.  She informed me that the baby’s room is in browns and pinks.  Perfect!  I’m doing a modern looking block with repro fabrics and I really like the way it looks!  Pics soon!  I’m going to work on it every day and try to get it done quickly.