So it’s been almost a year … wow … time for an update

Let’s see …

-I got single again
-Graduated from college
-Finished a quilt top
-Got certified
-Went through some really big life changes and stress stuff
– Started dating my best guy friend
-Got addicted to Pinterest
-Started remodeling the bathroom
-Got a new car
-Got my RRT
-Start a new job next week at Children’s Hospital

I haven’t accomplished much else but here are a few random pics … in no particular order …

Made these at Christmas with the kids & fella:




Made this wreath:


Fit into these jeans: (just barely lol)


Cooked this batch of awesomeness:


Made my own laundry detergent:


Went to Hurricane’s first dance recital:


Planted this:


Painted these:





Made this:


Ate this and felt no guilt:


Played in the dusting of snow we got:


Adopted another cat (she thinks I’m furniture):


Lost this guy *cry*:


I’m sure there is more but i can’t think at this late hour.

I’ll try to update again soon ūüôā



“Do What?”

There are many blogs out there in blogland that talk about how much they love the South.¬† “You know you’re from (fill in any city or geographical area) when” or the “if you understand all of this, then you must be from (again, any city or area)” lists.¬† While these posts, articles, and lists are mostly true and always make me smile, they are a little over-done.¬† So instead of an “I love the South” blog today, I’m going to veer in a specific direction.

Today, I was reminded of one thing about the South that I love.¬† I was at Sonic getting a corn dog and sweet tea for lunch.¬† (That right there ought to tell you how Southern I am without further explanation.)¬† I told the girl over the speaker that I wanted ketchup and mustard. Well, I tried, but I got tongue tied and that isn’t exactly what came out.¬† Her reply was, “do what?”. Now, in the South, “Do what?” is an expression of “I do not understand what you just said, can you repeat it?”¬† It can also serve as an expression of disbelief.¬† Instead of “No way!”, “no you didn’t!”, or¬†“shut up!” (all as expressions of disbelief), the speaker says “Do WHAT?!”¬† See what I’m getting at here? ¬†The way in which “do what?” is articulated determines if the speaker is being genuine or rude.¬† If said with an arched eyebrow and tilted head, then it is most likely an expression of “I can’t believe you just said that, or I dare you to repeat it” and you might want to rethink your statement and take a step back.¬† If said in a slack-faced, lazy way “Dew whut?” probably means that the other person totally didn’t understand a word you said or you’ve asked for something so totally rediculous that the person needed to hear it again.¬† Repeat your statement more slowly and with emphasis on important words.¬† These two words can say a lot.¬† I’m pretty sure that I do not say this because I’ve always made it a point NOT to.¬† I find it very unprofessional and not easily understood outside of Alabama.¬† However, it tickles me every time I hear someone say it.¬† It is a TRUE Southern expression just as much as “bless your heart” and “Lawd have mercy.”¬† It may even be unique to Alabama.¬† I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard it anywhere else.

So, as promised, not an “I love the South” blog, but just one thing that I do love about Southern people.

Where the hell is that cleaning fairy???

My house is a wreck.¬† I mean, wow, it’s bad.¬† It looks like it’s been ransacked and I am not exaggerating.¬† Huge pile of dirty dishes.¬† HUGE HUGE¬†pile of clean clothes that has multiplied and spread all over the living room (yall know how much I love doing laundry). Junk on the kitchen table.¬† Junk on the kitchen counters.¬† Junk on all the floors.¬† UGH!¬† I would DIE, like, fall over DEAD from embarrassment, if anyone popped in on me right now.¬† The problem is that I do not have any time.¬† Between school and work (that’s 7 days a week) and kids (the rest of my imaginary free time), I have no time to clean.¬† I don’t even cook anymore!¬† And if you know me, your mouth is hanging open in shock.¬† When I do have a free minute, I prefer to sleep.¬† My sleep bank account is majorly overdrawn.¬† The Sandman is hanging around me at all times waiting for my daily deposit of shut-eye.¬† And he overpowers me at the most inopportune times, like when I’m in class, to demand payment.¬† So, that being said… I overslept this morning.¬† I turned the alarm off in a half-sleeping stupor.¬† So I didn’t make it to clinical today.¬† My head is killing me but I’m going to clean house today.¬† I need some motivation, though. I mean, other than complete shame over the state of my living quarters.¬† My get-up-and-go got up and went a long time ago.¬† Ok, time to “get off this box”, as my mom says, and get started.¬† I’m taking Hurricane (who has been named The Princess because she loves pink, anything sparkly, and wearing dresses 24/7) to daycare then coming back and getting started.¬† Yes, I am.¬† If you are a friend of mine on Facebook and you haven’t heard from me in another day or two, send out the search party.¬† I might have been eaten by the mountain of laundry and the little munchkins that I imagine live in there lol.¬† Come on, you know they exist.¬† Why else would all of your socks (and undershirts)¬†go missing in the wash?

Goodbye, Soldier

Today was a sad day.¬† Today an American soldier was laid to rest.¬† No, he did not die in battle but he left a piece of himself behind in Vietnam.¬† He was a good man with a big heart.¬† He was a son, a father, a brother, and an uncle.¬† He loved animals, children, his family, his country, and most of all, his son.¬† His son was his pride and joy and his reason for living.¬† I’m thankful that he lived to see him graduate from college and get get engaged.

I never had the pleasure of knowing him before he went to Vietnam;¬† I only knew him after.¬† He was always quiet, reserved, and very private.¬† I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone.¬† His love of books and reading was profound and he instilled that love¬†in me and my sister at a young age.¬† I remember him saying that books could take you anywhere, let you experience anything, and open your mind.¬† How right he was.¬† Last year alone I read over 50¬†books.¬† My¬†enthusiasm for reading started with him.¬† He also loved his fish.¬† I don’t¬†remember a time that he didn’t have at least two aquariums. His¬†passion¬†for¬†salt water¬†aquariums was almost contagious.¬† I’ll never be¬†able to¬†watch a clown fish frolic and play in an anemone without smiling and thinking of him.

The man I knew struggled with PTSD, alcoholism, and depression but he never once complained or laid his troubles on anyone else.¬† He was a good man, broken by war.¬† It is such a shame that a man who gave so much of himself for his country had to have such a sparse and paltry memorial service.¬† He led a simple life with little need for material possessions or wealth.¬† His family has lived a life of poverty and struggle as well.¬† I find it shameful that our government could not provide a proper burial for one of its sons.¬† His ashes will be scattered along one of his favorite creek banks and placed on his father’s grave.¬† I’m sure he would have liked that.¬† His family was able to say goodbye to him today.¬† Time will heal the heartache, but he will not be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Uncle Herman.

Herman Jones Nov 3, 1950- Dec 23, 2011

A Woman…

A friend of mine shared this with me.  It is powerful and I wanted to share it with you.



A woman is not to be invaded. She is not to be questioned or conquered.
This has been said a million times. Let’s say it a million and one.
She is to be loved.
That’s it. It sounds so simple It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.
Do you want the body of a woman? If you invade it, you may have it.
But it will be an empty shell.
If you want her heart, that is another story. If you want her heart, you will be blessed with all the riches of the world. And you will get her body, too.
If you want her heart, you must be patient You must love her love her love her
Hold her, because you love her. Not to get anything.
Touch her, because you adore her. Not to get anywhere. Not to accomplish.
Listen to her, because you are devoted. Because you care.
At some moment known only by God, her heart will begin to open towards you.
Stand strong. She may not be accustomed to it.
No one has loved her like this. She didn’t know what would happen.
There is much fire there. She needs your strength. You need your strength.
THIS is why men are strong. Not to invade. Not to conquer. Not to battle or defend.
To handle the fire of passion when they fan it.
To stand strong when The Ocean comes to call.
To Stay when they begin to dissolve in the elemental rawness of the Divine Feminine.
By: Terri Plewa

It’s not about YOU

Some people don’t like me. Some people are rude, ignore me to my face, and say things behind my back that are untrue.¬† Ya know what? I really don’t care.¬† I have a plan and I’m following it.¬† I am driven.¬† I am determined.¬† I do not intentionally try to make anyone else look bad or feel bad about themselves.¬† If someone is offended in my presence, it’s most likely because they are having to take a long hard look at themselves.¬† I work HARD to achieve my goals.¬† I study hard to be a 4.0 GPA student.¬† If I don’t understand something, I don’t mind asking questions.¬† To some, I may look “stupid” for asking those questions.¬† In my mind, even if I embarrass myself a little, I’m learning.¬† I will not forget what I’m being told at that moment.¬† In my mind, if I don’t know the answer, then likely, someone else doesn’t either.¬† Even if they were too embarrassed to ask, or admit that they do not know, they are learning as well, at my expense.¬† I am inquisitive by nature.¬† I ask questions.¬† I do not mean to offend anyone, I just want clarity.¬† I am a straight-forward person.¬† I speak my mind.¬† Since when is it wrong in our society to speak up about something or ask questions?¬† When it offends others.¬† Well wake up people!¬† The world does NOT revolve around YOU.¬† Stop being so damned over-sensitive.¬† If I’m wrong, I’m the first person to admit it and appologize when needed.¬† I am not perfect.¬† I am not always right.¬† I am not the smartest person in the room.¬† I don’t know everything.¬† But I want to.¬† My thirst for knowledge and understanding may never be quenched.¬† Until that time, I will continue to push ahead, I will continue to ask questions, I will continue to study, and I will continue to work as hard as I can to be the best that I can.

To the people trying to stand in my way:¬† This isn’t about YOU.¬† This is about ME.¬† I will smile and love you the way God has taught us to love one another.¬† But do not misunderstand my friendliness and love¬†for weakness.¬† I want everyone around me to succeed.¬† I am not competing with anyone at this stage in my life.¬† I simply want to continue on my path at break-neck speed.¬† Either come along with me or get the hell out of my way.¬† If you have nothing better to do than gossip about me and spread the lies that are being told, then you really need to get a hobby.¬† If you truly knew me you would not repeat what has been said because you would know these things are untrue.¬† Don’t think you’re hurting me, because you are not.¬† I am moving on to bigger and better things and this little bump in the road is just one more obstacle for me to be thankful for.¬† Why thankful? Because it’s just one more thing reminding me how strong I am.¬† I always dust myself off and keep going.¬† This time isn’t any different.¬† When one door closes, another one opens.¬† Right now, I’m facing a whole hallway of open doors.¬† And I’m smiling.¬† This is¬†MY world, you just live in it. =)

_____ is getting on my nerves

Today has just been one of those days where everything is getting on my nerves.¬† In an attempt to purge my brain of these minor annoyances, I thought I would blog about it.¬† I’m not the only person who is aggravated with everything today, right?

  • Shadow, the 16 lb tub of lard, is just being needy and¬†verbal and getting on my nerves.
  • Hurricane, the 3 year old princess is just being her non-stop-chatty-self.
  • Facebook.¬† Need I say more?
    • They changed the format, again.
    • People¬†create drama¬†and get on my nerves.
    • People post status updates and it really should be a private message to whatever person it’s directed towards.
    • Some peope share every stinking link to every stinking thing they find interesting.
  • Neighborhood kids being loud right outside my house. (Get off my lawn!!! lol)
  • Job hunting is a pain in the behind. I hate filling out online applications. Hate. It.
  • My stupid internet keeps going out making the job hunting difficult.
  • Barbie movies.¬† I’m sick to death of them.
  • My appetite.¬† I think I’m going to start chewing on the walls soon
  • My van. It’s getting older and needing more repairs.¬† All minor things, nothing big, but still annoying.
  • A fly that’s been buzzing around my bedroom for about 3 days.¬† I thought they only had a life-span of a couple days.¬† He needs to die already! I’ve tried unsuccessfully to squish him several times.¬† That buggar is fast!

In retrospect, maybe I’m just PMSing.¬† I would say that maybe I need a vacation, but I just had one.¬† *sigh*¬†I soooo wish I was still there…

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