What? Me? Procrastinate? Never! Ok maybe a little…

So I started this quilt for my neice, like, a year ago.  Before she was born.  Her first birthday party is Saturday so I figured I better (finally) get it done.  It’s been sitting on my sewing table, neatly folded, waiting for binding this whole time.  Seriously.  I’m ashamed of my procrastination sometimes.  So here it is.  Pink, brown, and cream, and oh so cute!  I really like how this turned out and it was pretty quick to do.  You know, if I had done it all at one time like a normal person would.  The colors aren’t showing well in this pic.  The pink doesn’t blend that well with the cream background.  Well, to me it doesn’t.  Anyhoo… here it is.  Late is better than never, right?

A few months ago I started cutting fabric to make my own quilt but I got sidetracked with school, work, kids, etc., and haven’t been back to it.  I had to move the pile of fabrics to get to my sewing space today and it made me think that I really need to pick it back up.  I have more time this quarter, kinda, so maybe I can get in the mood to do it.  I’m really sick of my old comforter.  And frankly, I’m embarrassed that I don’t have a quilt on my bed.  I even looked at coverlets and quilts in stores to find something to do until I finished mine.  How shameful!  I couldn’t find anything I liked, at all.  That just further enforced my will to finish my quilt.  I just gotta start on it first.  Maybe tomorrow… lol.


Wow I’ve really let time slip by!

I’ve been super busy lately with school, Red’s softball, and Hurricane just being a busy toddler.  My sister’s baby shower is 2 weeks away and I never started on her baby quilt! Eeek!  I kept thinking “I’ve got time.”  Well, now I don’t have time!  These are the designs I drew up and played around with a while back.

Baby quilt sketches

Baby quilt sketches

I finally decided on this one, then started doing some math (these are the unfinished notes btw)

Final sketch and notes

I chose the background fabric, made my template, then chose the pink and brown fabrics (not shown.)

Template and background fabric

I’ve enlisted the help of Red to cut out all the pieces.  Now I’m trying to decide if I want to really push myself and try to get all this applique done by hand and still have time to hand quilt it (in TWO weeks!) or just go ahead and machine stitch and quilt it.

I’m thinking since I start a new job on Monday, plus finals, plus whatever comes up, I may need to go ahead and do it by machine so that I can get it done in time.  I’ll update with pics as I make progress.

More Taggies

My step-sister is pregnant with her first child. She’s having a girl.  I will be making her some quilts, I just haven’t felt motivated to get them done.  I finally got all of my Spring Cleaning done yesterday.  I even cleared off my sewing table.  This morning, with nothing left to clean, I decided to do a little sewing.  I was in need of some instant gratification, so I thought I would whip up some Taggies inspired toys.  The first one I made came out so nicely, I thought I would make some more.

This first one was made from two round scraps of fabric and a bunch of ribbon pieces.  It’s stuffed with polyester batting and all the stitching is reinforced.  I also put a small piece of cellophane inside with the batting to make it crinkly.

I really liked the way it came out, but the fabric is boring.  So I dug out something bright and cheery.  I made this one in a heart shape.  Instead of stuffing it with batting to make it a “softie”, I left it flat.  I sewed a piece of cellophane in to make it crinkly.  I also reinforced all the stitching in this one.  Hurricane would have LOVED this one when she was a baby.  I wish I had thought of it then!


A friend of mine is pregnant with a little boy and she has fixed up the nursery in a safari theme.  I was going to make a quilt, but I’ve been lazy lately.  So I whipped this little guy up in about 30 minutes.  And you can tell I threw it together. lol  This is a “Taggies” inspired stuffed toy.  It’s supposed to be a giraffe.  But I guess it could be a dinosaur…?

Taggies inspired giraffe/dino

I used some fabric I had laying around.  Yellow on front, blue on back.  The “tail” is a scrap piece of rickrack I had stuffed in a drawer.  The “tag” pieces on the neck are just little folded pieces of satin ribbon.  I hope her little bundle of joy gets lots of enjoyment slobbering all over this thing. 🙂  I wish I had thought of this when Hurricane was a wee little baby.  She would have LOVED it!  She spent all her time sucking on the tags of her stuffed animals.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms.  Whether you are a mom to children or furbabies, my hat is off to you.  It takes a lot of work to raise the little monsters.  If you are a mom to both, I humbly bow down to you.  That’s double the work.

Shadow is easy.  As long as his food bowl isn’t empty, the litter box is clean, and he’s allowed to sleep on my bed, he’s happy and purring.

Why did you wake me up?

Dixie still is very unhappy here.  I am letting her go live with my neighbor who is in love with her.  I’m hoping she will be happier there.

Can I go now?

Red made me this sweet card out of post-it notes (laminated in packing tape) and left it stuck on my bedroom door.

Card made of post-its and packing tape 🙂

This is a pic I had to force Red to take yesterday.  You would think after 11 years of me following her around with a camera she would be a better sport about it.

There, I'm smiling, happy???

Hurricane did her usual, she destroyed the house for me.  This is a pic of her from yesterday as well.  She’s holding a little bass that my cousin’s husband caught.  She’s pure country, yall.

Give uth a kith!

I hope each and every one of you are enjoying your day with your mothers and/or your children.  They are a blessing!

Hurricane Leila stopped by Rubbermaid Tote

That’s right folks, there has been found a barrier to the destruction of Hurricane Leila.  No, not a levy or evacuation plan.  It was a Rubbermaid tote and a throw pillow.  Hurricane has been extremely whiny today.  She may be teething, but it’s hard to tell.  She won’t let me look and when I try, I get bitten.  So we’ll just assume she has another tooth coming in.  We were at my mom’s house and she had thrown all the throw pillows from the couch onto the floor.  She then tripped over one of them and went headfirst into a Rubbermaid tote sitting in the floor.  I quickly scooped her up to assess the damage.  She was bleeding from the mouth, which freaked me out.  I carried her over to the sink and started dabbing at her mouth with paper towels.  I could see a nasty gash on the inside of her lip.  I tried to put ice on it, but she wouldn’t let me.  She took the piece of ice away from me and just held it in her hand.  Shortly after this happened she went to take a nap.  Her little lip swelled up pretty badly and turned purple.  I thought to myself, great, I’m going to take her to Red’s softball game tonight looking like I’ve beat the hell out of her. Before you call child services on me, you should also know she has some scratches on the back of her legs from the dog chain.  The dog ran behind her and kept going and well… it hurt.  So not only does she have a fat lip, she also has scratches on her leg that look suspiciously like switch marks.  Ugh.  Maybe she’ll fall down and get some bruises on her legs before the day is over and she’ll REALLY look abused.  Then I’ll just parade her around Wal-Mart so everyone can see what a bad parent I am. *facepalm*

Oh it gets better!! Mere moments after publishing this, she closed a drawer on her finger.  So lets add a little red finger to the list!  *sigh*

New Diet… sure to work!

I’ve figured it out ladies!!! If I eat like Leila (15 months old) I’ll be thin! here’s what I’ll do…

Drink some milk.
Take a bite.
Smear some food on the table.
Take a bite.
Look at Mommy because she’s fussing.
Take a bite.
Laugh, half the food falls out of my mouth.
Drink some milk.
Dribble milk on my plate and smear some more.
Take a bite.
Throw the rest of it on the floor.

I’ll be thin in no time!!

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