Best. Christmas. Ever.

Last night, D, Hurricane, Red, and I had our own family Christmas Dinner and it was really nice. Woke up this morning and opened gifts, then headed out to my dad’s. After my dad’s I had to take Red to her dad at his grandmothers. Then D, Hurricane, and I went to visit with my mom. That was nice. Headed home and snow started falling. AND sticking! We have a WHITE Christmas for the first time in my life! So I’m sitting here in my recliner, wrapped in my new Snuggie, drinking hot cocoa, listening to Leila play with her toys, D is on the couch dozing, and I’m watching the snow fall. I just can’t imagine a more perfect Christmas. Well, Red should be here, but it’s still great. I know she’s enjoying this snow with her other family. I am loving this SOOOOO much. And it has nothing to do with presents. ♥♥♥♥♥

Ready for Christmas

Red and I spent the day baking cookies yesterday.  We made cutouts, thumb-prints, pecan cookies, and cream cheese spritzes. I think we were both on a sugar high, from “sampling” all the cookies, for a while.  All went well until we decided to make another batch of fudge.  Then the arguing began lol.  We survived it, the fudge came out great, and all the messes got cleaned up.  All of this year’s Christmas gifts are made with love and wrapped under the tree.  The house is clean (for now).  Now I’m ready for  Christmas to come.

The cookies mess

Checkbook Cover

I sat down last night to make a checkbook cover using this tutorial.  It’s simple and quick.  BUT it needs tweaking.  The checkbook cover came out a little too big.  I like mine to be tight around my checks and hold them together.  This one left some “wiggle room”.  It’s a little too long (length wise, where it folds over onto itself) but the width is perfect. So I’m going to play with it some more and when I get it perfected, I’ll post a tutorial of my own.  I am pleased with it for the most part and I think these will make GREAT gifts.  Since I was trying this out for the first time, I just used some scrap pieces to make it.  In the future, I’ll use a cute contrasting fabric for the inside.

checkbook cover

Checkbook cover, inside

checkbook cover, side view

Fall is in the air!

Cooler weather means the quilting bug comes out to bite me!  I always seem to do more sewing when the weather cools off.  I have to finish up all those pink blocks.  I never did pull out the Halloween Quilt to finish.  Maybe next year lol.  I have a Fall quilt top that needs finishing too.

It's FALL Yall!

It’s a smaller, wall-hanging size and I may just be able to get it finished in time to pack it away before pulling out the Christmas stuff.  Speaking of Christmas, I have a Christmas Tree wall-hanging top that I made a few years ago and never quilted.

Christmas Tree

Are you seeing the pattern here?  I Love Love Love making the tops, hate the quilting part.  I can’t afford to pay someone else to quilt them, so they sit folded in a box until I get around to them or come up with some extra cash.

Maybe I can get motivated to work on these soon.  Pinks first though!  Oh and I’m DYING to do a couple of other things, but I need to prioritize.

Its just one of those kinda days…

I’m in a wicked good mood. I’ve been grinning like the Cheshire Cat and I’m sure it’s starting to get creepy. Not to mention, my cheeks are starting to hurt! If you ask me the answer to a yes/no question, I’m going to answer “maybe.”  If you ask me a direct question, your answer will be “yes” lol.  How are you today, Amy? Yes.  That’s how I roll.  I’ve been single for a whopping 7.5 weeks.  And ya know what?  I’m feeling great.  The kids and I are settled in the new place and happy.  There are other reasons for my sly smiles, but I’ll save those for another time…

The little one is over the swine flu and has resumed destroying the house.  She earned the name Hurricane Leila for a reason, folks.  The older one, thank goodness, is still in perfect health.  Fingers crossed that she doesn’t catch any cooties.

Thanksgiving is quickly creeping up on us.  And Christmas.  Ugh.  My best friend is itching to put her Christmas decorations up (as is my Mom!)   I myself will be waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, as always.  I have bought two whole Christmas presents so far.  Gotta get on that.

Christmas means to me…

Christmas isn’t going to be that great for my kids this year. I’m flat broke and they will be getting one gift each. Leila (4 months old now) is too little to notice or care. I’m trying to explain to Baylie (almost 10 years old)(like I do every stinkin’ year) that Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about JESUS and FAMILY. We should enjoy the time we have with eachother. We should remember the “Christ” in “Christmas.” Every Christmas and Easter I have this discussion with her and I swear it goes in one ear and out the other and she forgets again. Christmas isn’t about Santa or gifts and Easter isn’t about a stupid bunny and eggs. UGH! I hate hate hate to disappoint my kids and neices and nephews because I can’t spend for them like I normally do. No matter how much you try to explain the REAL reason for the season, they think you’re just being cheap.
When did Christmas stop being about Jesus and love and start being about gifts? It makes me want to throw away the tree and bows and wreaths and say “Forget it!!!! If we can’t celebrate the birth of Jesus properly then we aren’t doing the rest of it either!!”

I want my kids to understand the REAL reason for the season. I want them to enjoy the lights and trees and pretty things without forgetting about Jesus. I want them to be excited about Christmas itself, not just about gifts. But how can I get this across to them when we live in a society that focuses on the material things? Its so commercialized that the rest of it is totally lost…


I’m just venting. If you have any ideas to help me get the point across to Baylie and help her understand, let me know. She’s not being a brat about it at all. Bless her heart she’s the sweetest kid and doesn’t complain. I just feel the need to really emphasize it to her.