Eeeeek! BUGS!!!

I actually got this quilt done in less than two weeks.  I worked on it almost every day.  All of the ladybugs are hand appliquéd with hand embroidered antennae.  It is also all hand quilted.  Lots of love and finger pokes went into the making of this quilt.  Hurricane Leila’s reaction?


It is definitely NOT her favorite quilt lol.  But I love it, and so does Red.  It won’t be stuffed in a closet.  Red is snuggled up in it right now, as a matter of fact.

Red helped Hurricane open her gifts at her Bday party.  You can see her reaction to the quilt in this photo.  *sigh*  Oh well… I tried!  She just won’t participate with my love of LadyBugs.



A friend of mine is pregnant with a little boy and she has fixed up the nursery in a safari theme.  I was going to make a quilt, but I’ve been lazy lately.  So I whipped this little guy up in about 30 minutes.  And you can tell I threw it together. lol  This is a “Taggies” inspired stuffed toy.  It’s supposed to be a giraffe.  But I guess it could be a dinosaur…?

Taggies inspired giraffe/dino

I used some fabric I had laying around.  Yellow on front, blue on back.  The “tail” is a scrap piece of rickrack I had stuffed in a drawer.  The “tag” pieces on the neck are just little folded pieces of satin ribbon.  I hope her little bundle of joy gets lots of enjoyment slobbering all over this thing. 🙂  I wish I had thought of this when Hurricane was a wee little baby.  She would have LOVED it!  She spent all her time sucking on the tags of her stuffed animals.

“Blues” is finished


One good thing about me having a pretty ugly case of the “blues” is that I get things done.  My house got cleaned, laundry done (until the washer broke), and a quilt finished.  Feels good to get another big quilt done.  Great sense of accomplishment.


I did a  simple “off kilter” grid quilting on this one.  My machine really isn’t made to do anything but straight lines anyway.  I figured since everything on the quilt top is perfectly squared and in proportion, I would do the quilting a little wonky.  I really like the way it came out.  I made the lines a little squiggly in places, definitely not in any pattern, and none of them are perfectly spaced.  Except on the borders, I couldn’t help myself there lol.


I didn’t have enough fabric for the back (no boring white here!) so I added a strip of fabric to lengthen it. I’ve had this tie-died batik laying around for a few years and decided to use it.


I blurred out the last name on the label to protect my friend’s identity.  I like to hand write my labels using a Pigma pen.  It’s forever permanent and, in my opinion, more personal.  I made the label as a reflection of the blocks on the front, using two of the main fabrics.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  I promise it’s actually square, the wonky quilting pulls the eye and makes the label look “off.”

So there it is, DONE.  I hope they get many years of enjoyment from this quilt.

Singing the Blues

After getting a guilt trip from a very good friend of mine, I decided to start another quilt.  I have until my birthday, June 27th, to get it done.  That’s when I’ll be going out to visit.  At first, I said “No way!” to making a quilt.  I haven’t been in the mood to sew at all lately.  Plus, supplies are just expensive.  I did the math on the baby quilt I recently made and I had over $50 in it just in materials.  Ouch.  I think of all the quilts I’ve given away over the years, that’s a lot of money.  I’m unemployed and pretty broke and really can’t afford to throw more money away on fabric.  Then I got to thinking about it.  I have a huge stash of fabric already.  And J is one of my best friends.  And he’s never ever asked me for anything before.  Then I felt bad for saying no.  So… I challenged myself to make a quilt for my friend using ONLY my stash.  I won’t have to buy anything except batting.  First, I had to clean up this mess.

What a mess!

Yikes!  I haven’t sewn in quite a while.  I had to put away all that fabric and clean off things that didn’t belong in my sewing area.  Thankfully, it didn’t take that long to get straightened out.  I was talking on the phone while cleaning so that helped it go much smoother.  Now I can work!

Now it looks more like a work space!

I remember my friend’s couch being blue and I happen to own a TON of blue fabric.  I went through a “blue period” I guess and collected more of that color than any other.  I went into the closet and started dragging out bins.  No, I will not share photos of the closet.  It’s a cramped mess in there.  I took out the two bins of blue fabrics and started pulling out pieces to press and cut.  I need 20 blocks.  I pulled out more than enough fabric for them.  I have cut enough fabrics for about 10 blocks so far.  I made a test block and Hurricane had to inspect it.  She approves.

Hurricane Leila approves

This is a very simple block and my inspiration was THIS quilt.  It’s very similar to the baby quilt I made, but the blocks are larger and with sashing.  I think it will look great.  Now I have to carve out time every day to work on it.  I’m excited (and a little sad!!) to be reducing my blue fabric.

If I had a million dollars

Remember that song by the BareNaked Ladies?  Just a side note here:  don’t go Google “Bare Naked Ladies Million Dollars.”  Just trust me on this one lol.  Anyhoo… in the song (which is a catchy little toon, lemmetellya) he sings about all the things he would do/buy if he had a million dollars.  I think we could all come up with a list of things we would purchase or pay off if we won the lottery or were given a cool mil.  So here’s my challenge:  What would you do with a million dollars if you couldn’t spend ONE RED DIME on yourself, your bills, your kiddos, or family?  The money must be given away, used for good causes, or something else really creative.  And don’t spend it all in one place.  Come on, lets here it!

Getting the itch

I am getting the itch to sew.  My cousin is due with her first baby in February.  I think I’ll make her a baby quilt.  I love making small quilts because they go together quickly and I get the “instant gratification” that I love lol.  I’ll update with a photo when it’s done!

Christmas means to me…

Christmas isn’t going to be that great for my kids this year. I’m flat broke and they will be getting one gift each. Leila (4 months old now) is too little to notice or care. I’m trying to explain to Baylie (almost 10 years old)(like I do every stinkin’ year) that Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about JESUS and FAMILY. We should enjoy the time we have with eachother. We should remember the “Christ” in “Christmas.” Every Christmas and Easter I have this discussion with her and I swear it goes in one ear and out the other and she forgets again. Christmas isn’t about Santa or gifts and Easter isn’t about a stupid bunny and eggs. UGH! I hate hate hate to disappoint my kids and neices and nephews because I can’t spend for them like I normally do. No matter how much you try to explain the REAL reason for the season, they think you’re just being cheap.
When did Christmas stop being about Jesus and love and start being about gifts? It makes me want to throw away the tree and bows and wreaths and say “Forget it!!!! If we can’t celebrate the birth of Jesus properly then we aren’t doing the rest of it either!!”

I want my kids to understand the REAL reason for the season. I want them to enjoy the lights and trees and pretty things without forgetting about Jesus. I want them to be excited about Christmas itself, not just about gifts. But how can I get this across to them when we live in a society that focuses on the material things? Its so commercialized that the rest of it is totally lost…


I’m just venting. If you have any ideas to help me get the point across to Baylie and help her understand, let me know. She’s not being a brat about it at all. Bless her heart she’s the sweetest kid and doesn’t complain. I just feel the need to really emphasize it to her.

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