But not a real green dress, thats cruel

Following with yesterday’s theme and challenge, If I Had A Million Dollars.  None of the funds may be spent for personal gain, to help your family or children, or to even pay off a bill.  Every dime must be spent, but not all in one place.  I’ve received some great responses.  Now for MY answer.

As much as I would like to say “I would donate the money to breast cancer research, Locks of Love, and some program for needy families,”  I’m not passionate about those things.  I CARE about them, but not passionate.  So what am I passionate about?  Animals and children. 

I would LOVE to build and open a shelter and rescue for animals.  There would be no euthanization at my facility (unless the animal was too sick or injured to cure and was suffering.)  EVERY animal would have a chance.  I would provide medical care and love for all unwanted animals.  Not just dogs and cats either.  All of ’em.  The ones I couldn’t care for or adopt out here at my facility would be sent to specialized rescues to receive the care they deserve.  I don’t believe there is a thing as a “bad dog”, they just need redirection.  Aggressive towards other dogs?  Then they would not be adopted to families that had other animals or intentions of getting more pets. I can just see my top-of-the-line facility in my head, filled with doggies and kitties, and birds, and horses… all waiting to be petted, loved, and taken to their forever home.

The rest of the money would be used to establish a local shelter for abused women and children.  A safe haven for them where the abuser would not be able to hurt them again.  Counseling would be provided to the women and the children in hopes of stopping the vicious cycle.  Women would learn that they really are worth loving and that they do make a difference.  Children would be taught that it is not their fault.  They are worthy of healthy love and affection.    Women would be provided the resources to build self-esteem and self-worth and be independant.  God heals the physical bruises, we would help heal the emotional ones.

That’s it in a nutshell.

If I had a million dollars

Remember that song by the BareNaked Ladies?  Just a side note here:  don’t go Google “Bare Naked Ladies Million Dollars.”  Just trust me on this one lol.  Anyhoo… in the song (which is a catchy little toon, lemmetellya) he sings about all the things he would do/buy if he had a million dollars.  I think we could all come up with a list of things we would purchase or pay off if we won the lottery or were given a cool mil.  So here’s my challenge:  What would you do with a million dollars if you couldn’t spend ONE RED DIME on yourself, your bills, your kiddos, or family?  The money must be given away, used for good causes, or something else really creative.  And don’t spend it all in one place.  Come on, lets here it!

Getting the itch

I am getting the itch to sew.  My cousin is due with her first baby in February.  I think I’ll make her a baby quilt.  I love making small quilts because they go together quickly and I get the “instant gratification” that I love lol.  I’ll update with a photo when it’s done!

Christmas means to me…

Christmas isn’t going to be that great for my kids this year. I’m flat broke and they will be getting one gift each. Leila (4 months old now) is too little to notice or care. I’m trying to explain to Baylie (almost 10 years old)(like I do every stinkin’ year) that Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about JESUS and FAMILY. We should enjoy the time we have with eachother. We should remember the “Christ” in “Christmas.” Every Christmas and Easter I have this discussion with her and I swear it goes in one ear and out the other and she forgets again. Christmas isn’t about Santa or gifts and Easter isn’t about a stupid bunny and eggs. UGH! I hate hate hate to disappoint my kids and neices and nephews because I can’t spend for them like I normally do. No matter how much you try to explain the REAL reason for the season, they think you’re just being cheap.
When did Christmas stop being about Jesus and love and start being about gifts? It makes me want to throw away the tree and bows and wreaths and say “Forget it!!!! If we can’t celebrate the birth of Jesus properly then we aren’t doing the rest of it either!!”

I want my kids to understand the REAL reason for the season. I want them to enjoy the lights and trees and pretty things without forgetting about Jesus. I want them to be excited about Christmas itself, not just about gifts. But how can I get this across to them when we live in a society that focuses on the material things? Its so commercialized that the rest of it is totally lost…


I’m just venting. If you have any ideas to help me get the point across to Baylie and help her understand, let me know. She’s not being a brat about it at all. Bless her heart she’s the sweetest kid and doesn’t complain. I just feel the need to really emphasize it to her.