Getting more wear out of the toddler clothes

Hurricane Leila is growing like a weed.  Like all kids do.  The weather has changed here and we won’t be needing those long sleeves anymore.  They won’t fit next year and I hate to throw them out.  So I decided to make short sleeves out of them.  I looked on the web and found a great tutorial HERE.  I did two of the shirts in this way.  Now, I’m no seamstress.  I can quilt accurately and can eyeball a 1/4 inch seam from 20 paces, but clothes…. oy.  The above linked tutorial was super easy to follow.  If I can do it, anyone can!  After the first shirt turned out so well, I dug out some more.

These are the two that I did following the tutorial:





I had these two shirts that looked like two shirts. All I had to do was unstitch the long sleeve and leave the top, short sleeve in.  Took 10 minutes for both shirts. Easy peasy!





Then there was this shirt.  One of my favorites.  It has a pair of matching black pants with a little ladybug at the bottom of one leg. 


See that red ruffly part at the end of the sleeve? I really wanted to save that and incorporate it into the short sleeve.

Sleeve before

So I played around with it some and ended up with this.  I am very happy with the results and kinda impressed myself lol.


Sleeve after

Last, but not least, this shirt gave me fits.  I couldn’t get the sleeves to behave.  I don’t know if this knit is somehow different from the others, or what.  The bottom of the shirt is serged and frilly and it will not lay down no matter how much I iron it.  It curls up.  The sleeves wanted to act the same way after I cut them.  So finally I gave up.  They can just roll up.  The sleeves will match the bottom of the shirt.  It looks terrible in this pic, but I’m hoping after a couple wearing and washings it will be fine.



So now Hurricane has a wardrobe to carry her through the Spring months.  Most of the shirts above have matching pants.  Two of them don’t, but no big deal, she has shorts to wear.  When the weather gets really hot, I may attempt turning her pants into capris or shorts.  That’s for another day.  I may just become a seamstress yet.

Quick hi and Hurricane Leila is at it again…

I’ve been crazy busy with school and the kiddos. I am itching to sew but I can’t get to my sewing machine. My room looks like a bomb went off in there. I’ve successfully cleaned and de-junked the rest of the house (even the kids’ room! with D’s help) but my room scares me lol. I really wanted to make some pillowcases today. I went into the closet (aka fabric storage area) and couldn’t find any fabrics that I wanted. I have whittled down my pink fabrics to almost nothing. Can you believe that? Time to shop? Anyhoo… after not finding the fabrics I wanted, then looking over at the mess that is my sewing table, I gave up. How sad is that?

On another note, Hurricane Leila drove me to tears this morning. While I was in the shower, she went and found the poster markers. Then she proceeded to mark all over herself, Red’s quilt, the wall, and her pillow.  I snatched the markers away (which she wailed and screamed about) then quickly got her in the tub.  Yall, that kid had marker ALL over herself.  Her face, hands, the front of her legs, her belly… everywhere.  Then I grabbed a Magic Eraser and started wiping down the wall.  It came off fairly easily.  I stripped off the pillowcase and the quilt.  I was bawling over the quilt.  I grabbed my trusty spot remover and prayed that the marks came out in the wash.  Thankfully, they did, and I let Hurricane live to destroy something else another day.

Ready for Christmas

Red and I spent the day baking cookies yesterday.  We made cutouts, thumb-prints, pecan cookies, and cream cheese spritzes. I think we were both on a sugar high, from “sampling” all the cookies, for a while.  All went well until we decided to make another batch of fudge.  Then the arguing began lol.  We survived it, the fudge came out great, and all the messes got cleaned up.  All of this year’s Christmas gifts are made with love and wrapped under the tree.  The house is clean (for now).  Now I’m ready for  Christmas to come.

The cookies mess

Adventures with a toddler

First, it was colder than a well digger’s butt in this house this morning. I didn’t run the heaters last night because it was so warm still when we went to bed. Got up and stirring and felt much better but it sure was hard to get out of my snuggly warm bed! A friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in about a year and a half, texted me and asked me to meet him for lunch. I figured since I’ll be seeing other adults, I would actually put some makeup on and fix my hair lol. Hurricane remarked, “Mommy gettin’ dressed up!” lol.  Maybe I should wear makeup more often, huh?  Hurricane and I headed out and had a nice lunch with my friend and a coworker he had with him. She even behaved and didn’t throw any fits in the restaurant.  Which was nice, for once.   Then she and I went over to the library. Hurricane has never been to the library. There is a reason for that. We got in there and I picked out two books I wanted. Hurricane dutifully tagged along behind me jabbering the whole time. I paid my fines from a late book I had a while back, and asked the librarian about making copies. I have 7 diagrams to memorize by Monday morning for my Anatomy mid-term. There will be no “word bank” to pull from and if it’s misspelled, it’s wrong. So I realllllly need to study. Anyway, I asked to borrow some “white out” while I was at it. Hurricane was enjoying the tiled floor at this point and not making any noise. The tiles alternate colors and she was jumping between them. I made my first set of copies and then took it all over to a table to sit down and white out the parts I need to learn. Hurricane was not happy about this. She ran around a bit and into a nice room called the “adult reading room”. I was keeping an eye on her and shushing her when she got a little loud. One of the librarians came over to me and asked me to please keep her out of there. I said “ok” but really didn’t see the problem. There wasn’t anyone in there for her to disturb and she wasn’t climbing on anything, but whatever. So I sat her at the table with me and she proceeded to pitch a fit. I mean a REAL fit. She promptly slid off the chair, lying face down in the floor kicking and screaming. There was a man at the table in front of me and he was glaring at me. I just whispered “I’m sorry” and was steadily trying to calm Leila down. I finished whiting out the papers and headed back over to the copier with my tearful and snotty toddler in tow. She ran around the tiled area some more, quickly bored of that, then headed for the stairs. She was about half-way up when another librarian came over to me and asked me to please not let her play on the stairs. UGH! I wanted to yell, “I’m trying to get copies done so I can get the hell out of there!” but I simply ran over and talked Hurricane down.  Then I went back and finished up my copies and paid for them. I ended up with only 2 copies of each diagram, but I figure I can write lightly in pencil and erase them. I didn’t want any more scolding from the librarians.  Shortly after getting in the car, Hurricane fell asleep. Whew.  That’s enough fun for me for one day!  I think I’ll go fold the dreaded laundry now.



Happy Halloween to all!  Red is off to a party tonight and Hurricane and I are at Mr. Wonderful’s house.  Hurricane, aka Halloweenie isn’t dressing up.  She’s scared of everything and everyone (hence the “weenie” title) and we won’t be doing any trick-or-treating this year.  Fine by me.  I don’t allow the little one to eat candy and I sure as heck don’t need to eat it!  I mean come on, I wouldn’t want it to spoil or go to waste. Right?  I hope everyone has a FUN and SAFE Halloween.  I can’t wait to see pics of everyone’s costumes, jack-o-lanters, and other decorations.  And PLEASE…. Remember, Halloween is for kids, not an excuse for grown women to dress like sluts.  That’s all. I’m done.  Good night all!  Oh, and here is a pic of Hurricane from today.  Sorry for the poor quality, I took this with my phone.


My cute-as-a-button Halloweenie.


Worded Wednesday

Nothing new to report, really.  I’ve been working on a few quilty things.

Pinks for my PINK quilt in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month:


That’s 240 strips.  I still have some more to go.  I’m swapping these in my online quilting group and when I’m done I’ll have a nice scrappy quilt.

Christmas blocks for another swap (still have some others to make):

Split 9-patch

And I’m dying to get this one done.  I’m trying to decide how to quilt it.  I’m thinking a spider web.  Start in one corner and work my way out? Or start in the center and spiral out?


School is going well.  I take my first tests on next Monday.  All 3 of my classes have tests scheduled that day.  Joy.  So lots of studying going on around here.

I’m on the last Harry Potter book.  In one way, I can’t wait to finish it, in another, I want to prolong it a little lol.  I know, it’s kinda sad in a book-worm sort of way huh?

Other than us being sick around here lately with seasonal allergies, coughs, and general yuckies, we’re all doing well.  I’ve got an anniversary coming up with Mr. Wonderful and I’m pretty excited about it.  I got him a couple gifts but of course, I can’t blog about them!  One of them I just know he’s gonna love!  Can’t wait to give it to him.

Oh, and I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I’m on a mission to lose 20 lbs.  I’m not very good at dieting, but so far I’ve stuck to it pretty well.  I lost 3 lbs last week.  17 more to go! =)

Hope you all are doing great out there in blogland!

Hello Blogland

LOTS going on in my little corner of the world.  I’ll give you the quick version:

First, it’s October.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Take care of the ta-ta’s and get a mammogram.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I am going to make a pink quilt.  That’s my goal for the month.  I don’t know why I do these things to myself.  I don’t know when I’ll find the time, but I will!

Second, I’ve decided to go back to school.  If I can get the finances figured out, I start classes on Monday.  If not, I’ll plan to start in January.  I had everything worked out, ran into a hiccup, and now I’m playing beat the clock.  I really want to start Monday.  Fingers crossed that this works out for me!  I already quit my job in anticipation of starting classes!

Third, the kids are doing great.  Red is playing soccer and enjoying it.  Hurricane is doing great in daycare so I’ve decided to leave her there while I go to school.

Fourth, I picked up reading the Harry Potter books, finally.  I’m really enjoying them.  I can tell already I’ll miss reading them when I’ve finished the series.

Fifth, I got my van back!  Yay!  Happy dance of joy!  I missed it.  On the same note, I got rid of the car (and the payment) and I will miss it, but not so much.

I guess that’s about it.  If I think of anything else, I’ll update!

Quick weekend quilt, coming up!

Hurricane starts daycare on Monday.  (BIG sad face for mommy) I am going to make a quick quilt for Hurricane to carry with her.  She will not sleep without a quilt and I wouldn’t want her to be uncomfortable or anxious during nap time.  And, I guess, I want her to have a little something from mommy with her every day (not gonna cry, not gonna cry.) Have I mentioned how much I HATE having to put her in daycare?  At least I know I can trust the people at this daycare.  My step mother works there in the little bitty babies room.  So…. off to throw together a quick little quilt for Hurricane.  I don’t want to send one of her (many) others because I want to put together something that I won’t care if it gets stained or torn or just generally messed up.  Off to sew… I’ll post when it’s done….

Eeeeek! BUGS!!!

I actually got this quilt done in less than two weeks.  I worked on it almost every day.  All of the ladybugs are hand appliquéd with hand embroidered antennae.  It is also all hand quilted.  Lots of love and finger pokes went into the making of this quilt.  Hurricane Leila’s reaction?


It is definitely NOT her favorite quilt lol.  But I love it, and so does Red.  It won’t be stuffed in a closet.  Red is snuggled up in it right now, as a matter of fact.

Red helped Hurricane open her gifts at her Bday party.  You can see her reaction to the quilt in this photo.  *sigh*  Oh well… I tried!  She just won’t participate with my love of LadyBugs.

Ah ha!

I’m sitting here surfing blogs waiting on my biscuits to get done and I had an “Ah Ha!” light bulb kind of moment.  Hurricane’s 2nd birthday is in two weeks.  I want to make a quilt for her.  That kid LOVES her quilts.  I’m kinda proud of her for that.  I was thinking of something fairly simple and quick and maybe I’ll hand quilt… I’ve only got two weeks, hand quilting is out… hmmm… ok what can I do?  And it hit me.  Duh.

Washing fabric

Remember the red and black polka dot fabric?  I washed and washed and washed and finally got it to stop bleeding.  I’m thinking I can finally get that ladybug quilt done that I’ve been daydreaming about.  How fun!  But I’m short on time, so I better get busy!!  Pics soon!

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