“Do What?”

There are many blogs out there in blogland that talk about how much they love the South.  “You know you’re from (fill in any city or geographical area) when” or the “if you understand all of this, then you must be from (again, any city or area)” lists.  While these posts, articles, and lists are mostly true and always make me smile, they are a little over-done.  So instead of an “I love the South” blog today, I’m going to veer in a specific direction.

Today, I was reminded of one thing about the South that I love.  I was at Sonic getting a corn dog and sweet tea for lunch.  (That right there ought to tell you how Southern I am without further explanation.)  I told the girl over the speaker that I wanted ketchup and mustard. Well, I tried, but I got tongue tied and that isn’t exactly what came out.  Her reply was, “do what?”. Now, in the South, “Do what?” is an expression of “I do not understand what you just said, can you repeat it?”  It can also serve as an expression of disbelief.  Instead of “No way!”, “no you didn’t!”, or “shut up!” (all as expressions of disbelief), the speaker says “Do WHAT?!”  See what I’m getting at here?  The way in which “do what?” is articulated determines if the speaker is being genuine or rude.  If said with an arched eyebrow and tilted head, then it is most likely an expression of “I can’t believe you just said that, or I dare you to repeat it” and you might want to rethink your statement and take a step back.  If said in a slack-faced, lazy way “Dew whut?” probably means that the other person totally didn’t understand a word you said or you’ve asked for something so totally rediculous that the person needed to hear it again.  Repeat your statement more slowly and with emphasis on important words.  These two words can say a lot.  I’m pretty sure that I do not say this because I’ve always made it a point NOT to.  I find it very unprofessional and not easily understood outside of Alabama.  However, it tickles me every time I hear someone say it.  It is a TRUE Southern expression just as much as “bless your heart” and “Lawd have mercy.”  It may even be unique to Alabama.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard it anywhere else.

So, as promised, not an “I love the South” blog, but just one thing that I do love about Southern people.


A Woman…

A friend of mine shared this with me.  It is powerful and I wanted to share it with you.



A woman is not to be invaded. She is not to be questioned or conquered.
This has been said a million times. Let’s say it a million and one.
She is to be loved.
That’s it. It sounds so simple It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.
Do you want the body of a woman? If you invade it, you may have it.
But it will be an empty shell.
If you want her heart, that is another story. If you want her heart, you will be blessed with all the riches of the world. And you will get her body, too.
If you want her heart, you must be patient You must love her love her love her
Hold her, because you love her. Not to get anything.
Touch her, because you adore her. Not to get anywhere. Not to accomplish.
Listen to her, because you are devoted. Because you care.
At some moment known only by God, her heart will begin to open towards you.
Stand strong. She may not be accustomed to it.
No one has loved her like this. She didn’t know what would happen.
There is much fire there. She needs your strength. You need your strength.
THIS is why men are strong. Not to invade. Not to conquer. Not to battle or defend.
To handle the fire of passion when they fan it.
To stand strong when The Ocean comes to call.
To Stay when they begin to dissolve in the elemental rawness of the Divine Feminine.
By: Terri Plewa

_____ is getting on my nerves

Today has just been one of those days where everything is getting on my nerves.  In an attempt to purge my brain of these minor annoyances, I thought I would blog about it.  I’m not the only person who is aggravated with everything today, right?

  • Shadow, the 16 lb tub of lard, is just being needy and verbal and getting on my nerves.
  • Hurricane, the 3 year old princess is just being her non-stop-chatty-self.
  • Facebook.  Need I say more?
    • They changed the format, again.
    • People create drama and get on my nerves.
    • People post status updates and it really should be a private message to whatever person it’s directed towards.
    • Some peope share every stinking link to every stinking thing they find interesting.
  • Neighborhood kids being loud right outside my house. (Get off my lawn!!! lol)
  • Job hunting is a pain in the behind. I hate filling out online applications. Hate. It.
  • My stupid internet keeps going out making the job hunting difficult.
  • Barbie movies.  I’m sick to death of them.
  • My appetite.  I think I’m going to start chewing on the walls soon
  • My van. It’s getting older and needing more repairs.  All minor things, nothing big, but still annoying.
  • A fly that’s been buzzing around my bedroom for about 3 days.  I thought they only had a life-span of a couple days.  He needs to die already! I’ve tried unsuccessfully to squish him several times.  That buggar is fast!

In retrospect, maybe I’m just PMSing.  I would say that maybe I need a vacation, but I just had one.  *sigh* I soooo wish I was still there…


I’m tired of being lonely,
I’m tired of “the same”,
I’m tired of the hurt,
I’m tired of the pain.
I need to know you care,
I need to know you’re “there”.
Show me some passion,
Show me some fight,
My stress is overwhelming,
I need to see the light.
Do you think of me?
Do you miss me at all?
I wish we talked more,
I wish I knew how you feel,
I wish you missed me,
I wish I knew if “we” were real.
Is LOVE just a word?
Does it hold any value?
Can it save the world?
Do you have it in you?

Bottom line: I need more.

Happy Birthday to meeeee and an update

Yesterday, June 27, was my 32nd birthday.  Mr Wonderful took me out to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and we had a great time.  I feel very happy right now and he is a large part of that.

Mr. Wonderful, Hurricane, and I spent the weekend with friends in Georgia.  Things I learned:

  • I should never mix wine, beer, and liquor.  WTH was I thinking? lol
  • Children do not care that you were up until daylight giggling.  They will still romp through the house and make as much noise as possible until the adults get up.
  • Watching a band play live, in the rain, is the BEST.  What fun!!
  • Spending time with friends truly is therapeutic.  I should do it more often.

I gave J&R their quilt and they love it.  I’m so happy that it will be used and loved.  It is already gracing their bed.

I do not feel another year older.  Just a little worse for wear.  I definitely can’t handle partying like I used to!  I never had a full hangover, but I felt the after effects of too much alcohol and no sleep.  I’m still recuperating today.

I had another job interview last week.  Fingers crossed that something comes of it.  I also sent off Red’s Kitty Quilt for quilting and it should be on it’s way back home today.  I can’t wait to get it back.  I’ll get the biding on and FINALLY get it on her bed.

I’m not sure what I’ll be up to this week, but I’m hoping to get back to doing some sewing.

Dirt Therapy

Today was a gorgeous spring day.  Clear blue skies, temperature around 80 degrees, nice slight breeze, and not as much pollen as there has been lately.  I’ve had a migraine for two days, but I couldn’t stand another minute cooped up in my house.  I took some pain meds and headed out.  I spent the day today with my mom “playing in the dirt.” I dug a new flowerbed for her next to her carport and transplanted some of her gladiolus and mums there. Then I helped her clean out two of her other flowerbeds. We also drug out an old tub and filled it with dirt and extra gladiolus bulbs. I thoroughly enjoy planting and playing in the dirt. I love yard work. I love being out in the sunshine. I don’t enjoy it so much in August when it’s 100 degrees outside, but right now, it’s perfect. I love to sit back and enjoy my flowers and feeling proud that I made things pretty and grow. I consider doing yard work my “me time” because I can think about things that have been bothering me. I can work with my hands without concentrating so much on it with my mind.  I have worked out many frustrations while weeding flowerbeds. At the end of the day I’m sunburned, sore, tired, and most times, relaxed. It’s my own form of therapy. I didn’t get anything worked out or solved today. I don’t really feel much better, but I enjoyed doing it.  I’ll be back out there tomorrow…

How times change….

One of my guilty pleasures is music from the nineties.  I love almost all of it.  I spent my teen years muddling through the 90’s and I went from listening to Country to listening to Rap.  I know… weird.  But I never really had one preference over any other.  I really just enjoyed all kinds of music.  I’m sort of like that today, only I can’t stand Country anymore (with the exception of a few “crossover” songs.)  I once stumbled across a special on VH1, “Top 100 Songs of the 90’s” and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So many of the songs brought back memories for me.  Good memories.  Of a time when I was quite carefree.  I had very little drama (considering teen drama) and very little responsibility.  Those were the days that my friends and I would get together and just laugh and enjoy each other’s company.  Whether we were tearing up muddy roads in 2-wheel drive trucks, hanging around a bonfire in the middle of the woods, or “cruising around town”, we always had fun.  I remember times when we would act silly and laugh until we had tears streaming down our faces, our cheeks hurt, and our bellies ached.  Those are the kinds of laughing spells that you never forget and you wish you had more of.

Another guilty pleasure of mine:  goofy teen movies and chick flicks.  I know, I know.  Some of them are over-the-top silly.  I especially love the ones that make fun of other popular movies.  As for chick flicks, I love a good “girl friends” movie.  “The Sweetest Thing” is a perfect example of such movies.  It’s about 3 women who get themselves in some hilarious situations.  It reminds me so much of my early twenties and my two best girl friends.  I don’t miss those days, really.  We had fun.  We acted silly.  We did some dumb things.  But we had fun and we eventually figured out who WE were.  It’s just another rocky path on the road of life.  And I am glad I got to travel it once.  I have no desire to go back, believe me.

When I was little, I loved “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”.  It was my favorite show.  As a kid, you don’t think a soft-spoken man who changes his shoes and talks to puppets is weird.  My favorite part of the show was when he would “take” you inside a factory and show you how things were made.  To this day, I still love that kind of thing.  Call it female engineering-challenged curiosity.  I love the show “How It’s Made”.  One of the best shows ever.  And it always reminds me of Mr. Rogers.  Especially the episodes that take you inside a candy factory.

And speaking of shoes… my taste in shoes sure has changed over the years.  As a little kid, I preferred to be barefoot all the time.  When forced to strap shoes on my feet for school, it was tennis shoes (or sneakers to you Yankee folk).  As a teen, Nikes and Nikes only thankyouverymuch.  In my twenties, I wore heels almost 24/7.  I wore them to the office, I wore them shopping, I wore them to holiday gatherings, I wore them on dates, I was just comfortable in a pair of heels.  Now, I can’t stand them.  I prefer my slip-on shoes or tennis shoes.  Well, actually, I think I would prefer to be barefoot, but that’s not very practical.  I will wear heels when necessary, like when I’m wearing  a skirt or slacks, but they are coming off as soon as I get home.  I wonder what I’ll be wearing when I’m an “old lady”… maybe those uber attractive orthopedic shoes…

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